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Day 75 Dtp Arms

We are at the end of the week for our lifting workouts. We’ll do DTP arms today and then we’ll finish our workout with abs and calves’ exercises

We’ll do an arm superset to start our workout. The first move will be narrow grip barbell curls. When you’re using a narrow grip don’t go all the way down as it can put a lot of strain on your elbows and biceps tendon. Go ¾ of the way down and then up to the chin. We’ll hit lying triceps extensions immediately after. Increase the weight as the reps decrease so that you go to failure each set.

Then for our second superset we’ll be begin with a wide grip barbell bicep curl that you’ll follow up with an overhead triceps extension on an incline bench. Make sure you watch the video to see the proper form you should be using when you perform these exercises.

After we finish the two supersets we’ll focus on our abs and calves for the remainder of the workout. First, we’ll perform hanging leg raises followed by single leg bodyweight calve raises. When you’re feeling fatigued during this workout remind yourself that you only have a few workouts left to get that transformation you want.


60 minutes

Remember to separate the two cardio sessions by seven hours minimum.


Narrow Grip Barbell Curls
5 Sets - 30/25/20/15/10 Reps

Superset 1: Narrow Grip Barbell Curls, Lying Triceps Extensions

Lying Triceps Extension
5 Sets - 30/25/20/15/10 Reps

Wide Grip Barbell Curls
5 Sets - 10/15/20/25/30 Reps

Superset 2: Wide Grip Barbell Curls, Incline Triceps Extension

Incline Triceps Extension
5 Sets - 10/15/20/25/30 Minute

Hanging Leg Raises
3 Sets - 30 Reps

Superset 3: Hanging Leg Raises, Single Leg Calve Raises

Single Leg Bodyweight Calve Raises
3 Sets - 30 Reps


60 minutes

Gethin’s Go To

I mention it in today’s video that Kai and Danielle are consuming just enough carbohydrates to support their workouts. Make sure you eat all the carbohydrates you calculated for yourself. Nutrition is an important part of this trainer, don’t slip up during these final two weeks. Fuel yourself right so you can crush these final workouts.


With the high rep ranges used in the DTP sets plus the small amount of carbs you’re consuming, you may find it hard to get great pumps. An ingredient that helps support massive muscle pumps is L-Citrulline. L-Citrulline delivers an ultra-pure form of nitric oxide support. PRE-KAGED® has a powerful 6.5 g punch of fermented Pure L-Citrulline. So be sure to take your PIP stack for your DTP workouts this week.

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