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Day 36:Legs And Calves

Today begins with another upshift in cardio. Today, you’ll perform a total of 40 minutes during both your morning and later-in-the-day sessions. So, this week you’ll perform a total of 80 minutes of cardio a day. Morning and later cardio sessions are identical this week. Here’s what you’ll do:

* Perform 20 minutes of steady-state cardio

* Follow that immediately with 10 minutes of HIIT sessions of 60 seconds on/60 seconds off

* Complete with 10 minutes of steady-state cardio

You can shift to another piece of equipment for the last 10 minutes of steady-state cardio if you prefer. For instance, you can perform the first 30 minutes on an elliptical trainer, and then use a stationary bike for the last 20 minutes of steady state. Or you can do it all on one machine.

Another option is to move from one type of cardio to another from one workout to another. This not only works your muscles in slightly different ways, but also challenges your cardiovascular system as you tend to accommodate when you perform the same type of cardio every day.

Make sure you’ve made the proper adjustments in macros and calories if that applies to you. Most people will likely hold steady from their bigger shift at the end of Week Four.

Today’s workout targets legs and calves. We’re beginning with a circuit that includes 4 exercises: leg extensions, weighted walking lunges, leg presses, and machine squats. You’ll begin your circuit with leg extensions for 3 sets of 20 reps performed in the traditional way.

Then you’ll perform traditional walking lunges with a barbell across your shoulder. You’ll pull your trailing leg through for this version as the second move in your circuit—take a look at today’s video to see the difference in this move and how we’ve performed walking lunges in previous sessions on my 12-Week Lean Muscle Program.

The third exercise in this circuit is leg presses with a wide stance and your feet placed in the middle of the platform. Last week we used a high and low placement of the feet. Including variety of foot placement trains the hamstrings in different ways for more complete development.

Finish up the circuit with a machine squat exercise. Danielle uses a regular squat machine while Kai is on a Smith machine. Choose the version that works best for you—including regular barbell squats.

Finish up your legs training with 4 sets of lying hamstrings curls. For calves you’ll perform standing calves raises for 20 strict reps followed immediately by 10 fast reps as a burnout.

And that’s a wrap—you’re already halfway through your legs training on your 12-Week Lean Muscle Program. Can you believe that?


20 + 10 + 10 minutes

Upon waking perform 20 minutes of steady-state cardio followed immediately by 10 minutes of HIIT for 60 seconds on/60 seconds off. Complete your cardio with 10 more minutes of steady state for a total of 40 minutes


Leg Extensions
3 Sets - 20 Reps

CIRCUIT: Perform leg extensions followed immediately by weighted walking lunges and then immediately by leg presses, ending with machine squats. Rest for 2-3 minutes between each of the 3 circuits

Weighted Walking Lunges
3 Sets - 20 Reps

Leg Presses
3 Sets - 20 Reps

Machine Squats
3 Sets - 15 Reps

Or Smith machine squats, whichever you prefer

Lying Hamstrings Curls
3 Sets - 15 Reps

Rest 2 minutes between sets

Standing Calves Raises
3 Sets - 20 +10 Reps

Perform 20 with strict form, and then do 10 more fast. Rest 1 minute between each of these 3 sets


20 + 10 + 10 minutes

After legs training perform 20 minutes of steady-state cardio followed immediately by 10 minutes of HIIT for 60 seconds on/60 seconds off. Complete your cardio with 10 more minutes of steady state for a total of 40 minutes

GETHIN’S GO-TO: In today’s video, I explain that Danielle’s body composition has begun to shift since we implemented adjustments several days ago even though her weight has not changed much. If you’re in a similar situation to Danielle, then you should rely more on body composition tests such as InBody and even calipers. If your weight is not shifting much, then it’s important for you to see if you’re truly stagnating or if you are adding muscle mass while shedding body fat—and that’s what these bodyfat tests will reveal.



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