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Day 15: Legs And Calves

Welcome to Week 3 of my 12-Week Lean Muscle Program. As you know, I designed this program to be equally effective for men and women. And the urgency is increasing in our program.

You’ll note that Danielle and Kai talk about the 60 minutes of cardio they performed today at the beginning of the video. I have recommended that you perform a morning session of 25 minutes and an evening session of 35 minutes, both steady-state for this week. The key is to make sure that you split them into sessions separated by several hours to spike metabolism at different times of day.

We’re beginning today’s legs workouts with leg extensions and walking lunges as a superset. Notice how I’ve set the seat back for leg extensions to promote a greater range of motion for the quads. You’ll follow that immediately with 40 steps of walking lunges—20 per leg. Don’t forget to include my rise and shift-back pause before taking the next step forward with every step during your lunges. Check out how Danielle and Kai do this in the video.

Next up, you’ll complete 4 sets of machine squats. Because these are plate loaded, as are the following move — leg presses — I’m going to have Danielle perform all or her sets of machine squats while Kai does all his sets of leg presses. Then Danielle will follow her machine squats with leg presses while Kai performs his sets of machine squats after leg presses. The reason for this is to avoid wasting a lot of time shifting weights between sets. Remember that you should stretch during your rest period—that’s the most beneficial use of this time. Use this strategy if you’re training with a partner who uses considerably different weights than you do.

For stiff-legged dumbbell deadlifts you’ll lock your knees and bend at the hips, keeping your head in line with your spine. Only go as deep as you comfortably can, keeping your back flat throughout the set.

Today, we’re including calves. You’ll perform single-leg standing calves raises on a platform. You’ll support yourself by bracing your hands against a stationary apparatus, but don’t use your upper body to reduce the work your calves perform. For each set, you’ll complete 20 slow reps followed immediately by 10 fast reps. Since one leg is resting while the other is working you do not need to rest between sets.


25 minutes

Steady state upon waking


Leg Extensions

3 Sets/20 Reps

SUPERSET: 20 reps of leg extensions followed immediately by 20 walking lunges per leg. No rest throughout the entire superset

Walking Lunges

3 Sets/20 Reps per Leg

Machine Squats

4 Sets/20 Reps

Rest 2 minutes between sets

Leg Presses

4 Sets/20 Reps

Rest 2 minutes between sets

Stiff-Legged Dumbbell Deadlifts

3 Sets/20 Reps

Rest 2 minutes between sets

Single-Leg Standing Calves Raises

20 + 10 per leg

Perform 20 reps slowly, and then finish off with 10 fast reps. Then perform the same number of reps for the other leg. No rest between sets


35 minutes

Steady-state immediately after legs training or later in the evening


When you begin a new program, it can be challenging to remember to eat every meal and take every supplement at every specific time of day. You may also feel that your brain isn’t always functioning at peak performance when you’re cutting calories. My suggestion is that you set alarms on your phone to remind you to do the things that you tend to forget. Set your alarm to go off at as many times per day as you need.


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