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Hey guys, I’m Uzoma Obilor, and I want to welcome you to my first Trainer series with Kaged where I’m one of their IFBB Pro athletes. I’m sharing my 8-week fat-loss program that I’m calling Operation Aesthetic. This program is designed for people who have never followed a real diet program while trying to build or maintain muscle mass. It’s also designed for more experienced bodybuilders who have followed a fat-loss program before, but weren’t happy with their results.

I’m looking forward to being your trainer over the next 8 weeks, and sharing what I’ve learned over the past few years—providing some of the advice that helped me become a pro. While you can figure some of this stuff out for yourself, your learning curve will be much faster if you follow the suggestions of someone who has made some mistakes and corrections along the way. Today, I get my advice from other pros and coaches that I’ve worked with who helped me achieve IFBB Pro status. And I continue to work with these pros and coaches, as they help me prepare for professional competitions.

Operation Aesthetic includes a daily workout program that you’ll follow over the next 8 weeks. You’ll weight train 5 days a week, and you’ll perform 2 sessions of cardio 6 days a week. Of equal importance, you’ll also follow a moderate-calorie diet program high in protein, and moderate in carbs and dietary fats. In addition, you’ll get in the supplements you need to fuel you while you’re training with intensity to burn body fat while maintaining muscle mass.

If that sounds good to you and you want to sign on, then here’s what you need to do before you begin Operation Aesthetic:


*Take photos of yourself from front, back, and side angles. You want those “before” photos to track your results. Don’t try to make those “before” photos appear as bad as the ones you see online and in magazines. You want a reasonable comparison week to week. You’ll take photos each week from the same angles at the same time of day.

*Get a journal where you’ll record every exercise, set, and rep. You’ll also record every food you eat and every supplement you take. This will prove invaluable while you’re following my program as well as in the future when you’re on your next fat-loss program.

*Weigh yourself. Weight isn’t the most crucial measure of a bodybuilder on a fat-loss program, but it helps you calculate other important metrics.

*Get an accurate body fat measurement before you begin. This coupled with weight loss will help provide a better picture of your success on Operation Aesthetic. A professional experienced in using callipers should be enough to evaluate your body fat level before you begin my program. You can generally get this done for about 20 bucks. Sometimes you can find a deal where you can get it done for free, so check around.

*Clean up your diet. Check out my nutrition overview to see how I recommend cooking and eating clean for 3 days before you begin cutting calories and the workout program on Operation Aesthetic. This isn’t about cutting calories; it’s about adjusting to eating clean—which can be the most challenging part of a nutrition program for a first-time dieter.

I’m a true fitness enthusiast, and I love to train with weights. I developed this program for people who want to follow the path I’m on. I’ve worked with some of the best pros and coaches in the business, and that only continues with my sponsorship by Kaged. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and built it into Operation Aesthetic so you can achieve impressive results in body fat reduction. All it takes is 8 weeks of commitment and discipline. And, best of all, Operation Aesthetic is absolutely free!

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