Day 65 DTP Back & Calves

We’ll train DTP back today and focus on compound multi joint movements. These lifts give you the most bang for your buck. Compound lifts recruit large amounts of muscle fibers throughout your body.

The first exercises are bent over rows and deadlifts. Watch how I demonstrate the most effective way to do bent over barbell rows to work through the largest range of motion. Most people perform this exercise with a torso that’s too upright and fail to derive the full benefit of bent over rows. By working through a larger range of motion you’re better able to stress your traps. Using straps for today’s exercises will be a big help. Your biceps will likely fatigue because of the large amount of time under tension. Loosen your grip and let your back be the target muscle you focus on when you row. For deadlifts, be sure to squat down with every rep on the negative portion. Work slowly on the negative and keep the bar close to your shins.

We’ll do standing calve raises to finish up today’s workout. I want you to do these for 30 reps total but perform the first 20 reps to absolute failure in a strict controlled fashion and perform the final 10 reps in a fast-explosive fashion.


60 minutes



Bent Over Barbell Rows
5 Sets - 30/25/20/15/10 Reps

Barbell Deadlifts
5 Sets - 10/15/20/25/30 Reps


Standing Calve Raises
3 Sets - 30 Reps



60 minutes



Gethin’s Go To

Today’s workout consisted of a few compound movements. It’s a simple workout but it’s hard work. Not every workout requires multiple moves or complicated variations. As I’ve stressed throughout this trainer, it’s about consistency and intensity. Show up to the gym and put in the work necessary to get the transformation that you want.




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