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Day 59 Chest

We’ll be performing chest exercises today targeting our upper, middle and lower muscle fibers. One of the reasons I like to move chest days to the middle of the week is that nobody is training their chest on a Wednesday so it’s easier for us to find the equipment.

For the first movement, we’ll be performing cable crossovers. Make sure you watch the video to see how we’re going to target our lower chest on this exercise. Squeeze for a second when your pecs are fully contracted during this exercise and try to make your hands touch on each rep. This exercise will serve as a good pre-fatigue movement before you do the rest of the chest exercises in today’s workout. Pay attention to the tip I give Danielle on how to perform this exercise so that you’re putting the pressure on your pecs and not your shoulders. Next, you’ll be doing incline flyes, for this move I’ll have you pause at the bottom when your muscles are fully stretched. For the flyes, you’ll stop with the weights just outside your head at the top of the movement, if you bring your hands any closer together, your chest disengages. The purpose of this exercise is to keep the tension on your pecs. You’ll finish this circuit off by doing one arm kettlebell swings and then regular two-handed kettlebell swings. We incorporate HIIT moves into these circuits so that you can keep your heart rate elevated while your target muscles rest.

In the next circuit we’ll be performing decline flyes, pushups and skaters. To get the most out of decline flyes, make sure you’re squeezing at the top of each rep as hard as you can to feel your pec muscles working. For the pushups remember to stick your chest out and keep your shoulder blades retracted as you preform them. We’ll finish up our workout with dead stop bench presses. Originally, I didn’t have this in the plan, but Kai had an impingement in his bicep tendon running into his deltoid, so we did dead stops so not to place his shoulders in a vulnerable position. A lesson you should take from this is being adaptable and finding exercise alternatives that you can do to work your muscles safely.


60 minutes

If the weather permits, do some of your cardio outside to break up the monotony.


Cable Crossovers
3 Sets / 15 Reps

Circuit: Cable Crossovers, Incline Flyes, Single Arm Kettlebell Swings, (Regular) Kettlebell Swings

Incline Flyes
3 Sets /15 Reps

Single Arm Kettlebell Swings
3 Sets / 30 Seconds

(Regular) Kettlebell Swings
3 Sets / 30 Seconds

Decline Flyes
3 Sets / 10-15 Reps

Circuit: Decline Flyes, Push Ups, Skaters

Push Ups
3 Sets / 10-15 Reps

3 Sets / 1 Minute

Dead Stop Bench Press
3 Sets / 10-15 Reps


60 minutes

Gethin’s Go To

Listen to the advice I give to Kai and Danielle on ways to properly do today’s chest exercises. I demonstrate the right and wrong ways to do the cable crossovers. And I made an adjustment to the traditional flat bench press for pain free lifting. Be mindful when you preform each move so that you’re stressing the right muscles. Small adjustments to the way you preform these moves can help you safely maximize muscle growth.


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