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Love Kaged? We're looking for Brand Partners to work with that value authenticity, transparency, and quality.

Program Benefits

Affiliate Advertising

With a wide range of partnership options, we welcome publishers, paid media partners, businesses seeking cross-promotional opportunities and more to join our program. You'll gain access to products, custom offers and earn generous commissions for driving results through your advertising strategies.


Being a Kaged Athlete is not just an athlete, but a true innovator in the world of fitness and health, someone who constantly seeks out new ways to improve their performance and well-being. This is an influential individual with a highly loyal and engaged audience who look to you for inspiration and guidance. Someone who loves Kaged and truly embodies our mantra, Never Stop Evolving.


A Kaged Brand ambassador is someone who values authenticity, transparency, quality and on top of that loves Kaged! Ambassadors are able to represent a brand they love while receiving extra perks than a regular ambassador including receiving a personal discount code, early access to product drops, exclusive merch, and more!


STEP 1: Fill out the Application

It only takes about 5 minutes. Be sure to read the Application Terms before submitting your application.

STEP 2: Approval Process

Your application will be reviewed and we will get in touch if you've been approved.

STEP 3: Share and Earn

You can start sharing your code or cross-promotion online!

Never Stop Evolving.

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