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Day 16:Back, Traps And Abs

Today’s workout begins with a superset for lats. You’ll start with reverse-grip lat pulldowns followed immediately by a set of bent-over dumbbell rows. Notice that Danielle performs both of these while Kai rests, and then he works while she rests. With a partner this superset has a nice rhythm. Your superset should take about two minutes, which is also the amount of time you should rest between supersets for larger muscle groups such as back.

After this you’ll perform another superset. This one will also target lats. We’ll begin with regular lat pulldowns followed by seated cable rows. For lat pulldowns, you’ll arch your upper body just a bit to bring the bar close to your chest. Make sure you feel a contraction in your lats with each rep. Then you’ll follow this immediately with seated rows.

Notice my range of motion for seated rows—you’ll lean forward and get a good stretch in your lats. Then you’ll raise your upper body as you pull the triangle handle into your abs, contracting your lats. A lot of people keep their upper body still throughout the set for this exercise, but you’ll work your lats much more effectively by using the technique I demonstrate.

Next up is another superset that begins with straight-arm cable pulldowns followed by dumbbell shrugs. What’s nice about this combo is that it doesn’t involve your biceps, which may be fried from all of the pulling work you just completed. For straight-arm cable pulldowns, you’ll emphasize a contraction in your lats. Note that you can bend just a bit at the waist for a slightly longer range of motion and a greater stretch at the top.

For shrugs, you can pause at the top when you’re contracting your traps, but do not pause at the bottom—you want to keep constant tension in your traps throughout the set.

After back and traps, we’ll work abs. Today’s first move is hanging leg raises using abs cuffs or slings. You’ll perform these with straight legs until you reach form break—where you cannot perform another rep without swinging. At this point you can finish off with bent legs, pulling your knees into your core.

You’ll finish up this workout with partner-assisted sit-ups, where your partner stands on your feet to provide greater leverage so you force a deeper contraction into your six pack. Make sure to lower with control, feeling the stretch. If you don’t have a partner, then you can hook your feet under a stationary object a couple inches off the ground.


25 minutes

Steady-state upon waking


Reverse-Grip Lat Pulldowns

3 Sets/12-15 Reps

SUPERSET You’ll perform a set of reverse-grip lat pulldowns followed immediately by bent-over dumbbell rows. Then you’ll rest for 2 minutes between supersets.

Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows

3 Sets/12-15 Reps

Lat Pulldowns

3 Sets/15 Reps

SUPERSET You’ll perform regular grip lat pulldowns followed immediately by seated cable rows. Then you’ll rest 2 minutes between supersets.

Seated Cable Rows

3 Sets/15 Reps

Straight-Arm Cable Pulldowns

3 Sets/15 Reps

SUPERSET Perform a set of straight-arm

cable pulldowns to target lats followed immediately by a set of dumbbell shrugs to target traps. Then rest 2 minutes before repeating this circuit.

Dumbbell Shrugs

3 Sets / 15 Reps

Partner-Assisted Sit-Ups

3 Sets - Failure

SUPERSET Perform as many hanging leg

raises as you can with straight legs, then go to full failure with the bent-leg version. Follow this immediately with partner assisted sit-ups. Then rest 2 minutes between supersets

Hanging Leg Raises

3 Sets - 15 Reps


35 minutes

Steady-state after training or later in the evening

GETHIN’S GO-TO: Today you’ll be training traps with back. Previously we’ve trained traps with shoulders. Traps fits equally well with either of these body parts as they are a tie-in muscle group between back and shoulders. Note that I refer to training two exercises without rest as a superset, even if they don’t specifically target the same muscle group. Today, your supersets will target back, back and traps, as well as abs.


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