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Day 12:Arms And Abs

Last week our strategy with arms was circuits, alternating triceps and biceps moves before resting. Today, we’re going to use supersets, where we train the muscle group with more than one move before resting. First up is a superset of triceps pushdowns and overhead triceps rope extensions. Each of these moves can be performed at the same cable apparatus, allowing for a very fast transition.

Cable pushdowns are a great beginning move for warming up the triceps because they don’t put an excess amount of stress on the elbow joint and the tendons and ligaments. This move also emphasizes the outer head of the triceps. You’ll perform 15 reps, and then you’ll transition as quickly as possible to overhead triceps rope extensions for an additional 15 reps. This does necessitate a change of handles, but you can do that very quickly if you have both handles at the ready throughout this superset. After you perform both exercises of this superset you should rest for up to 90 seconds before performing the next of 3 supersets.

Next up is another superset for triceps. You’ll perform close-grip pushups followed by bench dips. Note that I demonstrate triceps pushups from the knees—this is a modification if you struggle to perform close-grip pushups from your toes. Remember, the goal here is to work the triceps fully and complete about 15 reps to failure. Note that I put all my weight on my palms, which I think better engages the triceps. For bench dips choose the legs and feet position that allows you to reach failure around 15 reps, as well.

With triceps, exhausted, we’ll transition to a biceps superset. We’ll begin with cable curls followed immediately by barbell curls. You’ll perform 12 reps of each of these moves before resting for 90 seconds. Note that we set up the barbell near the cable apparatus we’re using so we can transition immediately from one move to the other. Notice for barbell curls that I have Kai and Danielle take a wide-grip (about six-inches wider than shoulders). That targets the insides of the biceps more while the narrower grip we use with cable curls hits the outer head more.

Today’s finishing move for biceps curls is not exactly a superset. You’ll perform as many dumbbell biceps curls as you can using both arms at the same time, and then you’ll continue to perform reps in unilateral alternating fashion. You should choose a weight that allows you to perform about 15 reps bilaterally, and then burn out to failure.

After you complete arms training, you’ll perform your third abs workout of the week. Today’s core training is a superset of ball crunches while holding a medicine ball followed immediately by lying leg raises with toe touches. The medicine ball should be held fairly high at your chest to increase resistance and work in your abs. Come up as high as you can, hold that contraction for a second and then feel the stretch as you lower. After you complete 20 reps this way, you’ll add another 10 “pulse” reps without the ball, which are completed very quickly.

Then, without resting, you’ll transition to lying legs raises. For this move, you’ll perform 20 regular leg raises—notice how Kai and Danielle each use a slightly different form based on their range of motion. Choose the position that forces your abs to work hardest. Then complete the move with 10 reps where you raise your butt off the floor. That’s one long superset of 60 reps. Rest for 2 minutes, and then complete 2 more of these abs supersets.


20 minutes

Steady-state upon waking


Triceps pushdowns

3 Sets/15 Reps

SUPERSET triceps pushdowns with overhead triceps rope extensions, resting 90 seconds between supersets

Overhead triceps extensions

3 Sets/15 Reps

Close-grip pushups

3 Sets/Failure

SUPERSET close-grip pushups and bench dips, resting 90 seconds between supersets

Bench dips

3 Sets/Failure

Cable curls

3 Sets/12 Reps

SUPERSET cable curls with barbell curls, resting 1-2 minutes between supersets

Barbell curls

3 Sets/12 Reps

Bilateral to unilateral dumbbell biceps curls

3 Sets/15 + Failure

Begin with bilateral, transition to unilateral to failure. Rest 1 minute between sets.

Medicine ball crunches

3 Sets/20 + 10 Sets

SUPERSET of slow-and-hold for 20 reps followed by 10 fast with no hold for medicine ball crunches; then perform 20 reps of regular lying raises followed by 10 reps where you lift your butt off the ground. Rest 2 minutes between these abs supersets.

Lying leg raises + butt-raise variation

3 Sets/20 + 10 Sets


20 minutes

Steady-state after training or later in the evening


Quality reps count more than quantity in every aspect of training, but never is that more true than with abs. While I want you to perform every rep I recommend, I want each of them to be of high quality. Make sure you feel a contraction in your abs in the concentric phase, and then a stretch during the eccentric phase. At no point should you allow your midsection to move without focusing on these target muscles.



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