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Day 44:Back And Traps

Throughout this week, you’ll perform 2 sessions of cardio for 50 minutes. Each session begins with 40 minutes of steady state, followed by 10 minutes of HIIT for 30 seconds on/30 seconds of recovery. I’m not doing this to repeat myself—I’m doing it to emphasize the importance of these cardio sessions. I can’t tell you how many of my clients “forget” to perform a cardio session if I don’t mention it specifically. So don’t be that client—complete all of your cardio as I’ve dictated.

Today’s workout will focus on back and traps, but I’m also going to integrate some cardio moves into today’s circuits, giant sets and supersets.

We’ll begin with a circuit of 4 moves: neutral-grip lat pulldowns, cable rows, dumbbell deadlifts, and kettlebell swings. Each of these multi-move sets today will end with a HIIT-cardio move, and you’ll go directly into the next multi-move set without rest. Yes, you read that right: You will not rest throughout each of the multi-move exercises I’ve put together.

After the circuit, you’ll move onto a giant set consisting of your favorite form of high rows. You’ll notice that I have Danielle and Kai working on different machines—choose the version you like best, or the one that’s available in your gym. Follow that with a set of machine shrugs, and finish up this giant set with step-ups on a box or bench, getting in as many quality reps as you can in 1 minute—alternate legs and bring your trailing leg through and up. Check out the video to see how Kai and Danielle do this. Again, no rest throughout this giant set. Once you complete it, you can rest for 2-3 minutes.

Then you’ll move onto a superset of Smith machine inverted pull-ups followed immediately by a set of combat ropes. Check out my video to see how to perform both the pull-ups and the combat ropes if you aren’t familiar with these moves. Again, no rest throughout this entire round of supersets.

Also keep in mind that the key for these cardio HIIT sessions at the end of each of these multi-move rounds is to jack up your heart rate and encourage fat loss and improved metabolism. You can switch the cardio moves from one multi-move session to another if it’s challenging in your gym to get in one as part of circuit. For instance, you can perform step-ups after your Smith machine inverted pull-ups if you don’t have combat ropes at the ready. The key is to follow the broader intent of my program and get in the work even if that requires making some adaptations on the fly.


40 + 10 minutes

Perform 40 minutes of steady-state cardio followed immediately by 10 minutes of HIIT cardio with 30 seconds on/30 seconds off intervals


Neutral-grip lat pulldowns
3 Sets - 15 Reps

CIRCUIT: Perform 1 set of each of the 4 moves of this circuit (neutral-grip lat pulldowns, cable rows, dumbbell deadlifts and kettlebell swings) without rest. Perform as many kettlebell swings as you can in 1 minute. Continue into the next circuit without resting

Cable Rows
3 Sets - 15 Reps

Dumbbell Deadlifts
3 Sets - 20 Reps

Kettlebell Swings
3 Sets - 1 Minute

Unilateral high rows
3 Sets - 15 Reps

GIANT SET: You’ll perform 1 set of each of these 3 exercises in each giant set. The moves: unilateral high rows, shrugs, and step-ups should be performed without resting. Also do not rest between giant sets

Machine shrugs
3 Sets - 15 Reps

1 minute

Smith machine inverted pull-ups
3 Sets - 15 Reps

SUPERSET: Perform Smith machine inverted pull-ups followed immediately by a set of combat ropes. Do not rest between or at any point during these 3 super sets

Combat ropes
3 Sets - 1 minute


40 + 10 minutes

Perform 40 minutes of steady-state cardio followed immediately by 10 minutes of HIIT cardio with 30 seconds on/30 seconds off intervals

One of the goals with the cardio moves you’re performing at the end of these multi-exercise moves is to perform as many reps as you can to really rev your heart rate. But do not sacrifice form for reps. It’s also important that you perform every rep correctly to prevent injury. And, by the way, it takes more energy to perform a move with proper form than it does to cheat.


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