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Day 52:Chest

We aren’t going to shake things up that much from yesterday’s emphasis on traditional bodybuilding moves: You’ll be training chest with a heavy compound movements. Other than your 2 cardio sessions, you’ll only focus on chest today in your training.

First up are flat bench presses performed on a Smith machine. You’ll perform 3 sets, increasing weight for each set, and you’ll rest for 2 minutes between sets. Next up is incline barbell presses with the bench at about a 30-45-degree angle. You’ll also rest 2 minutes between each of these sets. Remember that flat bench presses of all types target the middle of your chest while incline moves works your upper pecs.

After these 2 compound movements, you’ll perform a superset that includes incline plate presses—this is a unique move and you need to check out my video to see how it’s performed. Follow this immediately with pushups to failure. Then rest 2 minutes between supersets. Note that I still have Danielle performing pushups from her knees since that takes her to a deeper level of failure with this target muscle group.

After the superset, you’ll perform incline cable flyes—really emphasize the stretch and focus on a contraction in your upper chest with this move. Your final move for this chest workout is decline dumbbell presses. Use a partner to help take this move to failure, and really focus on the contraction in the lower and outer portions of your pecs. For both of these moves, you’ll rest 2 minutes between sets.

Don’t forget your cardio! Watch the full video to see how Kai and Danielle are experiencing the same type of fatigue you likely are. While your subconscious may be telling you to back off, you know that you need to push through these barriers to accomplish your goals. As I often say, you need to get comfortable being uncomfortable.


60 minutes

Perform 45 minutes of steady-state cardio on one machine and 15 more minutes on another. Do not rest between


Smith Machine Presses
3 Sets /10-15 Reps

Rest 2 minutes between sets

Incline Barbell Presses
3 Sets /10-15 Reps

Rest 2 minutes between sets

Incline Plate Presses
3 Sets - 15 Reps

SUPERSET: Perform incline plate presses followed immediately by pushups to failure. Then rest for 2 minutes between supersets

3 Sets / Failure

Incline Cable Flyes
3 Sets / 15 Reps

Rest 2 minutes between sets

Decline Dumbbell Presses
4 Sets / 10 Reps

Rest 2 minutes between sets


60 minutes

Perform 45 minutes of steady-state cardio on one machine and 15 more minutes on another. Do not rest between.

Notice how hard Kai and Danielle are working throughout their sets. I’m really pushing them to failure. Their bodies are well accommodated to the intensity and volume of this program at this point, and I can safely push them to get out that last quality rep or two with a spotter. This is yet another intensity technique that is an integral part of this program—just remember to have a trustworthy spotter when you’re taking your target muscles to this level of failure.



Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) include leucine, isoleucine and valine. Because your body cannot make BCAAs, you need to get them from your food and supplements, and you have a much greater demand for them when you’re training with intensity. Kaged Muscle’s fermented BCAAS are delivered in the sought after 2:1:1 ratio.

DOSE AND TIMING: For best results, take in fermented BCAAS 3 times a day, emphasizing first thing upon rising, before workouts, and during workouts. I also like to mix this in my gallon jug with other amino acids such as glutamine, citrulline (on non-training days) and HYDRA-CHARGE. Choose the option that works best for you.

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