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Day 67 Dtp Shoulders & Abs

We’ll perform DTP shoulders today as well as some ab supersets. These DTP workouts will go by fast. DTP is very intense but simplistic, the warmup sets are the working sets. The 50 rep sets that you take to failure will warm you up for the lower rep sets. Because of the different rep ranges covered, DTP allows you to target your fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers in the same workout. With DTP it comes down to the intensity you apply when you do these moves. Make sure you’re taking them to failure.

For our first move, we’ll be performing seated barbell military presses. On this move you’ll want to push the barbell like if you’re pushing it through the roof and lock it out. Barbell military presses will work our anterior and lateral heads of our deltoids. We’ll follow this up with upright rows which will work our rear delts and to a lesser degree our traps. I like using cables for this movement because you get a good contraction all the way up and all the way down. Use the full range of motion for this exercise and make sure you keep your elbows up. We really want to isolate the target muscle.

Next, we’ll do a superset of oblique twists with a medicine ball followed by sit-ups. For the oblique twists, lean back and really feel your core working during this movement. After this we’ll do another ab superset of knee tucks on a ball and planks. For the knee tucks, push your knees and thighs against the ball to create resistance. The difficulty of this exercise changes drastically when you’re digging your knees into it. Watch the video to see how I demonstrate the differences. For the planks, make sure you’re not resting your entire torso on the ball and you’re planking on your elbows.


60 minutes

If the weather permits, do some of your cardio outside to break up the monotony.


Seated Barbell Military Press
5 Sets - 50/40/30/20/10 Reps

Start with 50 reps for your 1st set and finish with 10 reps on your 5th set

Cable Upright Row
5 Sets - 10/20/30/40/50 Reps

Oblique Twist with Medicine Ball
1 Sets - 30 Reps

Superset: Oblique Twist with Medicine Ball, Sit-Ups

1 Sets - Failure

Knee Tucks on Ball
1 Sets - Failure

Superset: Knee Tucks on Medicine Ball, Plank on Medicine Ball

Plank on Ball
1 Sets - Failure


60 minutes

Gethin’s Go To

Pay attention to what I said in the video about how I adjusted Kai’s workout based on the equipment he had available. A take home lesson you should get from this trainer is adaptability. I show you different variations of exercises throughout this workout and I stress the importance of paying attention to the movement. When you don’t have the available equipment, be creative and think of the movement and the target muscle you’re working for that day.


While these DTP workouts are straightforward and simple in their structure, they’re far from easy. They require a high level of intensity and you’ll be sweating heavily as you do them. Achieve optimal hydration with Hydra-Charge’s electrolyte matrix solution.

DOSE AND TIMING: I recommend you get in about 3 servings of HYDRA-CHARGE each day. The best way to do this is to mix up a large jug of water and add 2-3 scoops of HYDRA-CHARGE and sip on it throughout the day. I’ve listed times when you should emphasize consumption of fluids and HYDRA-CHARGE in the charts that follow.

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