Day 72 DTP Back, Abs, Calves

Today we will hit back, with DTP, and mainly be targeting the lats.  Because yesterday’s workout was very tough, we’ve also added abs and calves to the end of today’s workout.  We’ll start out with reverse grip rows, using two different machines for Danielle and Kai – you can choose which is best for you: the free-standing barbell and the smith machine.  They are two different machines but the same movement to provide a little variation to the contraction for this exercise. 

For the reverse grip barbell rows, loosen the grip and squeeze as much as you can through your lats.  Because of the time under tension for this move, you’d benefit from using straps so that your grip isn’t the limiting factor for doing DTP sets.  Be sure to pull the bar into your stomach when you do your rows.

Next, we’ll perform medicine ball leg raises followed by seated calf raises.  Make sure you watch the video to see how these moves are done.


60 minutes



Bent Over Barbell RowsReverse Grip Bent Over Rows
10 Sets - 30/25/20/15/10/10/15/20/25/30 Reps

We’ll do these as free-standing barbell rows and finish up the final sets on the smith machine

Medicine Ball Leg Raises
3 Sets - Failure


Seated Calf Raises
3 Sets - 30 Reps

20 reps strict, 10 reps fast



60 minutes



Gethin’s Go To

Don’t make excuses, power through your workouts.  After yesterday’s leg workout, it’s easy for many people to look for an excuse to skip a workout.  Especially since you’re using the stepper or Stairmaster as your cardio during the week which isn’t very forgiving.  But you need to do all your workouts with intent and sacrifice if you want to get the transformation you’ve always wanted.




With the intensity of these DTP workouts, you’ll be sweating heavily. Make sure your nutrition and supplementation are accounting for this loss of electrolytes. Hydra-Charge contains five essential electrolytes and is combined with SPECTRA™, which features a blend of fruit, vegetable and herbal extracts for antioxidant support.

Dosing and Timing: I mix several scoops of Hydra-Charge into my gallon jug of water and drink it throughout the day.

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