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We are nearing the end of the week and we’ll be hitting shoulders today with DTP. DTP targets slow twitch and fast twitch muscles. The intensity of DTP also helps you burn a lot of calories. These workouts are short but intense so focus on the quality. Our workouts aren’t as long when we train smaller muscle groups like delts but they should still be intense. Push your muscle to absolute failure on each rep and keep your rest periods short.

We’ll be performing seated dumbbell military presses as our first DTP set. Then we’ll be following it up with a DTP set of barbell upright rows. Drive up on both exercises and perform them across the full range of motion.


60 minutes

Remember to separate the two cardio sessions by seven hours minimum.


Seated Dumbbell Military Presses
5 Sets - 30/25/20/15/10 Reps

Barbell Upright Rows
5 Sets - 10/15/20/25/30 Reps


60 minutes

Gethin’s Go To

Focus on the quality instead of the quantity for these workouts. Even though the reps will be high, these workouts are relatively short and only last about 45 minutes. But they’re by no means easy workouts. Keep your intensity high and push yourself to failure on each set.

What Supp?

It takes the right combination of ingredients to deliver results without making you edgy. Clean Burn® delivers it in a special blend. During these final weeks, every detail will be magnified as you only have a few workouts left to get that transformation you want. Make sure you’re doing everything possible to make your transformation a success. This includes fueling your body with the right nutrients and supplements. Accelerate metabolism, support weight loss, transport fat to cells to be used as energy. CLEAN BURN ticks the boxes without the use of stimulants.

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