Riding the Red Line Day 23

This workout repeats the moves from Day 2. I want you to look back in your journal and check out the reps and weights you performed. I also want you to try to challenge yourself with a more difficult version of these moves if you weren’t able to perform these at the beginning of Riding the Redline. For instance, if you needed to make a substitution for hanging leg raises (toe to bar), I want you to attempt this version during today’s workout.

At this point, it’s crucial that you really adhere to your supplementation regimen because you’re otherwise going to feel a little depleted from the reduction in calories and carbs you’re consuming. Don’t forget that it’s crucial that you continue to follow your diet and get in your protein as soon as you finish your workout to jumpstart recovery.

Today, I want you to try to complete your 500-meter rows in the C Block as fast as you can with good form. Compare this to your previous times from Day 2 if you recorded those. The ability to complete this move more quickly is an indication of your improving strength and endurance even though you’re depleted from cutting your calories and carbs.



Push press

Rest 60-90 seconds between sets


One-arm Dumbbell Row

Performed in a circuit with no rest between individual moves, but with 60-90 seconds of rest between each circuit. Perform all for one side before the other.

3 SETS / 15 REPS

Hanging Leg Raise

Toes to the bar if you can. Go with an easier version if you aren’t able to do this.


Glute-Ham Raise

3 SETS / 10 REPS


Row Machine

Performed in a circuit with no rest between individual moves, but with 60-90 seconds of rest between each circuit

3 SETS / 500 Meters

Burpee 3 SETS / 10 REPS

Handstand push-up

You can substitute pike push-ups with your feet on a box or bench.




TIP: Reduce your rest periods between circuit intervals on your B and C block if you can. Being able to recover more quickly is a sign of improved conditioning as well as the more efficient use of oxygen. It also means you’re getting stronger and leaner. Keep your rest to 90 seconds for your A block, though—increase weight rather than shorten rest periods.


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