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Riding the Red Line Day 17

Today we’re beginning with a challenging circuit with one kettle bell or dumbbell. You’ll perform this A block with little to no rest even between circuits. You’ll start with Turkish get-ups. Make sure you watch my video and practice without weight if you’ve forgotten how to do this move. Then transition into goblet squats with a moderate weight. Really feel the stretch and then explode upward using the power of your lower body while keeping form strict. Finish off the circuit with kettle-bell swings, and then go right back into the first move of your next circuit with as little rest as possible.

The B block is the heavy compound movement for today. You’ll complete 10 sets of barbell squats for only 2 reps per set. Start with a slightly lighter weight, but increase weight until you’re performing 2 reps with 85-90 percent of your one-rep-max weight. The weight will really challenge you. But I don’t want you to lose form—make sure you’re resting 60-90 seconds between every set to get the most from the weight with excellent form. 

The C block includes something new: We’re going to perform barbell squats with a 6x6 strategy after using heavy weight. You’ll perform each set at the beginning of a 2-minute cycle using 60 percent of your one-rep max. As you slow down with your reps that means you’ll be resting for a shorter period—think of this move as short rounds in a boxing match. Don’t allow yourself to rest longer or reduce rest periods. Drop weight if you need to make any adjustments.

Then my D block for today emphasizes cardio, upper body and core. This circuit begins with 250-meter sprints on a machine row followed immediately by handstand push-ups to your ability, followed by hanging leg raises (toes to bar). As always, makes substitution based on equipment limitations or your ability

Today’s E block includes handstand walks, decline push-ups and walking overhead barbell lunges—the last is one of my favorite exercises. Check out the video to see how I perform these.




Turkish get-up

Perform this full circuit with little to no rest between circuits


Goblet squat 3 SETS / 10 REPS
Kettle-bell swing 3 SETS / 15 REPS

Barbell squat

Rest 60-90 seconds between sets

10 SETS / 2 REPS
Barbell squat
Machine row 5 SETS / 250 METERS
Handstand push-up

Rest 60-90 seconds between each circuit


Hanging leg raise 5 SETS / 10 REPS
Handstand walk 5 SETS / 10 YARDS

Decline push-up

Overhead barbell walking lunge 5 SETS / 10 REPS PER LEG



TIP: I know that some of the handstand moves may be beyond your comfort level on Riding the Redline. I want you to keep trying them, but if you aren’t up to the version I recommend, then I want you to find substitutions. For instance, if you’re not able to walk on your hands in a handstand. You can do ball walk-outs where you place your hips on a ball and walk out until just your toes are on the ball—get creative, and check in with me if you can’t figure out what to do. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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