Riding the Redline

Riding the Red Line:Day 12

At this point you’ve completed your 3rd mini-cycle on Riding the Redline. I want to congratulate you for that—especially after yesterday’s insanely intense workout.

Remember that while this program is designed as a 4-week/28-day program, you can restructure it into a longer program by repeating any of the 4-day mini-cycles. You can also get creative and rearrange the blocks that you like and those that challenge you if you’re comfortable doing so. Feel free to reach out to me with shifts you want to make (or those you already have) at Ashley.horner @Instagram or email me at . I really want to hear from you and get your feedback on Riding the Redline.

I also want you to really consider that E block from Day 11. All of these moves or a version thereof are within your ability. I want you to consider how well you performed these 30 mini sets with as little rest as possible. I also want you to keep track of your total time when you perform this block. And then consider that performing this E block as a stand-alone is a great way to work out on days when you only have time for a 10-15-minute workout.

Today, we’re approaching the halfway point of Riding the Redline, and it’s time to really embrace the philosophy I’m promoting—taking yourself out of your comfort zone without risking injury.

Finally, I want to check in with you about your nutrition and recovery on this rest day. If you’re dropping more weight or muscle mass than you want or expected, then you can add quality slow-digesting carbs from the foods on my list to your daily intake. However, if you’re getting leaner and stronger then just keep your diet as it until Day 16, our next recalibration day.

You can add in a hike or active-recovery swim or jog if you want today. You can also include any form of passive recovery that works for you, including acupuncture, massage or hydrotherapy.


This product delivers casein, the slow-digesting fraction of milk protein. I like to get in a serving as my final nutrition before bed. You can consume Kasein as a shake or mix it as a pudding, which I prefer because it tastes like a treat. Kasein provides a sustained-release of amino acids, helping to prevent your muscle mass from being catabolized (broken down) while you’re sleeping. Our bodies naturally go into a period of muscle breakdown when we go several hours without eating, and getting in Kasein before bedtime helps combat catabolism.

YOUR TICKET TO RIDING THE REDLINE: Get in 1 serving before bedtime to stave off catabolism while you’re sleeping.

TIP: One of the reasons I want you to keep a detailed journal is so that you can record adaptations to this program that work for you. After 3 mini-cycles you should have a good sense of what’s working for you. Feel free to expand this program or make any type of adjustments that you want based on the results you’re seeing in the mirror and what you’re recognizing by reviewing what you’ve included in your journal.

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