Riding the Red Line Day 21

Get in your pre-workout before you start today—this workout is going to be epic. You’re only going to perform 1 set of 1000 meters. You’ll perform this without rest going at about 50-60%. This is a full warm-up for both the upper and lower body. That’s one of the things I love about machine rows—the way you use virtually all of your muscle groups for cardio.

The B block emphasizes shoulders. You’ll start with handstand shoulder taps, followed by shoulder presses and ending with windmills. I know I include a lot of challenging, unique moves. For that reason you should always watch the video for each day’s workout before you begin it.

In today’s C block you’ll perform a 5x5 for push-jerks, resting 90 seconds between each set. Often I emphasize reducing or cutting your rest periods—that’s to challenge your cardiovascular system and boost performance. However, for these heavy compound moves like that in today’s C block, I want you to emphasize using as much weight as possible. That means resting a full 90 seconds between every set, and really going all out with as much weight as you can use before reaching form break. That’s what it means to ride the redline.

The D block begins with a SkiErg for 60 seconds, followed by handstand push-ups, and finishing with barbell thrusters. You’ll perform 3 rounds going with as little rest as possible between circuits. 



Machine row

Performed at 50-60% of intensity with no rest

1 SET / 1000 METERS


Shoulder Press

3 SETS / 10 REPS
Handstand shoulder tap

Performed in a circuit with no rest between individual moves, but with 60-90 seconds of rest between each circuit

3 SETS / 30 REPS


Rest 90 seconds between sets

5 SETS / 5 REPS 

Ski Erg*

Perform these moves in a circuit and keep rest to an absolute minimum

Handstand push-up 3 SETS / 10 REPS
Barbell thruster 3 SETS / 15 REPS



TIP: After you watch my video for each day, you can practice the move at home before you head to the gym where you’ll use weight. The goal with these unfamiliar moves is to create a mind-muscle connection so that performing them with good form becomes second nature. That will help boost performance and strength, which will naturally help you achieve your physique goals.

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