Riding the Red Line Day 4

Today is your first rest day on Riding the Redline. While your calorie consumption should be comfortable at this point, you may already have begun to notice changes in how your body looks. Yes, it can happen this quickly. For today, you’ll keep your calories the same—we’ll re-evaluate and make adjustments if needed on Day 8, after the end of the second cycle of workouts on this program.

I’m huge on hydration, and I want you to really emphasize that while you’re following Riding the Redline. You not only need to be getting in all the fluids you need, but you’ll also want to replenish the electrolytes and minerals you’ve lost through increased activity and sweat during the previous three days. 

Make sure you’re keeping your journal up to date. Read through the entries during the past three days to make sure they’re complete. This journal will be invaluable to you later in this program and for those you follow in the future.

For activity today you can perform any type of active rest you like. This includes steady-state cardio or any type of recreational activity you enjoy. This can be as simple as going for a hike with your spouse or significant other, or taking the kids or pets for a stroll. Active rest isn’t a requirement of this program, but I think it helps reset your brain for the next cycle, and getting in a little movement helps your body recover if you’re sore from the previous days of training.

TIP: Remember that you can always re-up any of my 4-day mini-cycles. Get your rest in today, and then continue on to Day 5, but keep an eye on the cycles you like and feel free to add another 4 days to Riding the Redline at any time you feel that a particular cycle will benefit you in accomplishing your goals.



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