Riding the Red Line Day 15

For today’s workout, we’re returning to a one-move A block. This time you’ll complete 10 sets of barbell bench presses for 2 reps, resting 60 seconds between every working set, making adjustments in weight as you need. Make sure that you perform warm-up sets before you begin your 10 working sets.

The B block begins with wall climbs (you can substitute Spiderman walks if you’re still not comfortable with these). Ring rows can be performed with TRX straps or a Smith machine set to the proper height. Finish with Sotts presses, which we first performed on Day 6—today’s video should provide enough of a reminder about how to properly perform this move.

For your C block, we’re going to perform barbell bench presses for higher reps, and then drop as you add weight. Follow each set of bench presses immediately with a set on a SkiErg machine (or other comparable type of cardio) for 60 seconds during every circuit.

Then you’ll move onto your D block of man makers and weighted negative pullups. For the pullups, I want you to take a 5-8-count to lower for every rep, really feeling the stretch in your back muscles.

Today’s workout ends with an E block that consists of 5 rounds of 250-meter row sprints, barbell thrusters and kettle-bell swings. I want you guys to fly through these moves while keeping your form impeccable. And I don’t want you to rest, at all, between any of these 15 mini-sets. This is all about conditioning.




Barbell bench press

Rest 60 seconds between sets

10 SETS / 2 REPS


Wall climb

Performed in a circuit with no rest between individual moves, but with 60-90 seconds of rest between each circuit

Ring row* 3 SET / 12 REPS

Sotts press 3 SETS / 8 REPS
Barbell bench press

Rest 60-90 seconds between each circuit

3 SETS / 15, 10, 15 REPS

Ski Erg 3 SETS / 60 SECONDS

Man maker

Performed in a circuit with no rest between individual moves, but with 60-90 seconds of rest between each circuit

3 SETS / 10 REPS
Weighted negative pull-up 3 SETS / 8 REPS


Machine row


Barbell thruster 5 SETS / 5 REPS
Kettle-bell swing 5 SETS / 5 REPS



TIP: I designed Days 13-15 to really kick your ass. I consider this to be the “heart” or center of this program. If you found this mini-cycle challenging, then I want you to consider repeating it—either right away or after another mini-cycle. You can also perform this mini-cycle at any time after you complete Riding the Redline.

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