Riding the Red Line Day 22

Today’s workout is the same one you performed on the first day of Riding the Redline. This is a great time for you to take stock of your progress and assess the improvements you’ve made in terms of strength and endurance. At this point in the program you should be able to perform more reps, or you should be able to perform the same number of sets and reps with additional weight.

That’s why I recommended that you keep a journal of all your sets, reps and weights from the beginning of this program. You should also record your thoughts about specific exercises—the version you’re using, and how you feel about each move. One thing that may surprise you is that the exercises you didn’t like at the beginning of this program may turn into favorites as your ability to perform them improves. That’s another aspect of Riding the Redline—breaking through mental and physical barriers that previously held you back from reaching your goals.

This will also translate to physique improvements you’re making as you follow your nutrition and supplement regimens. You should continue to notice significant shifts in how your clothes fit and how different you look without them after only three weeks on Riding the Redline. Even better, others may be commenting on the differences they’re noticing in your appearance.






Rest 90 seconds between sets


Reverse lunge

6 per leg completing all for one side before the other. Performed in a circuit with no rest between individual moves, but with 60-90 seconds of rest between each circuit


Wall Ball

3 SETS / 10 REPS

Man maker

3 SETS / 10 REPS




Box Jump

Performed in a circuit with no rest between individual moves, but with 60-90 seconds of rest between each circuit. You can substitute a bench for a box, and you can do step-ups if you’re not able to perform the jump version.

3 SETS / 15 REPS

Single-leg dumbbell deadlift 3 SETS / 10 REPS PER SIDE
Negative pull-up 3 SETS / 8 REPS



TIP: Today’s workout is one of the most crucial on this program because it’s the first time we’re repeating a full workout from start to finish. Read your journal entry for Day 1 before you head to the gym. I don’t want your primary competition to be with other women—I want you to compete first and foremost with yourself. And I want you to beat your previous performance even though you’ve also reduced calories and shed body fat. Use supplements before and after every session to make sure you’re getting the best nutrient support for in-gym performance and ultimate results.

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