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Riding the Red Line:Supplements Overview

I explained my training and nutrition philosophies in my other intro videos. In this one, I want to provide my thoughts on supplementation. First, you’ll never achieve the goals you’re seeking from training or nutrition alone. You have to have both in place to make strides and really learn how Riding the Redline will help you achieve your goals when you don’t dip below that level. When you go hard on too little quality food intake you ultimately negatively impact your training or physique goals.

Similarly, you can’t just rely on supplementation to achieve your athletic and physique goals. You have to put together a full program of training, nutrition and supplementation that works in concert to help you push as hard as you can without falling below the redline.

Supplementation helps you get the most out of my Riding the Redline program. The right supplements help prime your body and your brain for your workouts and boost your results. Supps also help intensify focus, enhance your recovery and help to give your metabolism a boost. I’m including 6 of my favorite Kaged supplements that I use during my training week. Each offers a unique advantage. Let me take you through these, and then take a look at the daily supps schedule that I’ve put together so you’ll know what to take and when, as well as how much. Always read the entire label and follow directions for use.

Here are my favorite Kaged supplements:


This pre-workout product helps get me primed before every workout. Pre-Kaged features patented ingredients such as CarnoSyn® beta-alanine, BetaPower®betaine, fermented amino acids such as BCAAs and L-citrulline, patented Creatine HCl, PurCaf® Organic Caffeine, SPECTRA™ antioxidant blend, coconut water powder and more. Pre-Kaged can help you train with more intensity and for longer. That’s especially important if you’re controlling calories and your goals are to increase lean mass and improve strength and endurance.

YOUR TICKET TO RIDING THE REDLINE: Get in one dose about 30-45 minutes before every weight-training workout on my program.


I use this product, which combines several essential amino acids, to help fuel my muscles during my workouts. Amino Synergy is an advanced full-spectrum essential amino acid (EAA) formula that delivers fermented and vegan-friendly EAAs. In addition to the innovative full spectrum Essential Amino Acid Matrix, this powerful formula also delivers freeze-dried coconut water powder and is available in a stimulant free version and one with 124 mg of PurCaf® organic caffeine. EAAs are those that your body cannot manufacture, which means that you need to take them in through foods or supplements. EAAs promote muscle protein synthesis to support healthy muscle.

YOUR TICKET TO RIDING THE REDLINE: Get in 1-2 doses of Amino Synergy per day, emphasizing a dose upon waking and before training.


This post-workout protein product provides crucial ingredients to support better recovery after workouts on my Riding the Redline program. After you put in the hard work in the gym, you need to prioritize recovery to ensure you can perform at your best again tomorrow. Re-Kaged contains whey protein isolate combined with ProHydrolase® for enhanced digestion, patented Creatine HCl, BetaPower®, and fermented L-Glutamine. Re-Kaged enters your system quickly to jump start recovery and get you ready to hit the gym with intensity for your next session on my program.

YOUR TICKET TO RIDING THE REDLINE: Get in Re-Kaged immediately after every weight-training workout. You can also add a dose on your rest day, which occurs every 4th day on Riding the Redline.


This product delivers casein, the slow-digesting fraction of milk protein. I like to get in a serving as my final nutrition before bed. You can consume Kasein as a shake or mix it as a pudding, which I prefer because it tastes like a treat. Kasein provides a sustained-release of amino acids, helping to prevent your muscle mass from being catabolized (broken down) while you’re sleeping. Our bodies naturally go into a period of muscle breakdown when we go several hours without eating, and getting in Kasein before bedtime helps combat catabolism.

YOUR TICKET TO RIDING THE REDLINE: Get in 1 serving before bedtime to stave off catabolism while you’re sleeping.


Taking this product with meals helps support you in your goal of reaching your desired body composition. Clean Burn contains a powerful combination of ingredients that work together to attack weight loss from multiple angles. These include green tea extract, Gymnema sylvestre extract, capsicum fruit extract and chromium complex, all of which can help support your results on Riding the Redline. This product works through multiple mechanisms to support weight loss. These include mobilizing fat from storage and increasing thermogenesis.

YOUR TICKET TO RIDING THE REDLINE: Take 3 doses (2 capsules per) every day, getting each of these in before a whole-food meal for best results.


To help keep myself hydrated I sip on Hydra-Charge throughout the day. I like to mix up a gallon jug with a daily dose of Hydra-Charge in it and drink it throughout the day, emphasizing the times before, during and after my workouts, or at other times when I feel depleted. Staying hydrated is vital to both your athletic performance as well as your recovery. While you can also drink water, Hydra-Charge contains electrolytes such as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, sodium, and potassium that help your body maintain fluid balance. It also contains freeze-dried coconut water and is combined with SPECTRA, which contains a blend of fruit, vegetable, and herbal extracts for antioxidant support. Consuming Hydra-Charge makes it easy to hit your water intake because of its great taste.

YOUR TICKET TO RIDING THE REDLINE: While you can sip on Hydra-Charge throughout the day, I recommend getting in a dose before, during or after workouts, or at any other time to support general hydration. I go with 2 servings a day.

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All of these Kaged products are third-party tested, banned-substance free, and contain no artificial colors or flavors. That’s why I recommend them for women who are following me on Riding the Redline: I believe it’s critical to use high-quality supplements, providing your body with additional nutrients. Kaged products have been tested by labs and supported by people like me who are in the gym every day. The products I recommend for my Trainer series are made from the highest quality formulations, including premium, patented ingredients.

I want you to follow my supplement recommendations, but I also want you to remember that supplements are just another weapon in your arsenal to help you achieve your goals of improving strength, endurance and body composition. You can’t get there just through taking supplements. You have to put in the hard work in the gym and the kitchen. When you add supplements to my training and nutrition recommendations, you’ll be able to ride the redline for even better results.


Here are my recommendations for what you should take each workout day, when you’re following my Riding the Redline Trainer series:




Upon waking


1 scoop

Amino Synergy™

1 scoop

Before breakfast

Clean Burn®

1 dose

Before lunch

Clean Burn®

1 dose



1 scoop


1 scoop

Amino Synergy™

1 scoop

Intra-weight-training workout

Hydra-Charge® *

1 scoop



1 scoop

Before dinner

Clean Burn®

1 serving

Before bedtime

Kasein **

1 scoop

* Adjust your dosing of Hydra-Charge so that you’re consuming a total of 1-2 servings per day, getting
in this product throughout the day. You can take it at specific times or sip it diluted with large amounts of water throughout the day.

** You can take Kasein at other times of day when you need protein to help prevent muscle breakdown (catabolism) when your busy life doesn’t allow you to get in a whole-food meal.

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