Today’s workout isn’t about today. It’s about tomorrow. That’s when you’ll perform on stage or take your photos. With that said, you should do whatever activity you think will support this goal. Do not just blindly follow my cardio and abs recommendations. Go back through your notes, and decide what will work best for you.

The one suggestion I would offer is that you can do some posing—just really see how you look from every position. But I’d like to add one word of caution to this: Posing is hard work! Don’t get yourself so sore that you aren’t able to pose tomorrow. I just want you to check your angles and determine how to best present your body.

Keep looking for ways to present your best assets while hiding your weaknesses.

Also, remember to cut your sodium intake to the bone and drink lots of water. Sodium causes your body to retain fluid, but getting in plenty of water allows your body to release subcutaneous fluid. That’s because you’re sending your body the message that it is not in a circumstance where it is dehydrated and needs to retain water. Ultimately, this will improve the look of your musculature and figure, allowing you to appear tighter and more detailed without appearing depleted.

DAY 55—Active Recovery Workout




Hanging leg raises



Kneeling cable crunches





20 minutes

I really want to emphasize the importance of a sense of accomplishment as you go to bed tonight. I know it’s so easy to get into your head and worry about tomorrow, but that will NOT help you. When you devoted as much time and energy as you have to my 8-Week Fat-loss Figure Trainer, you really need to relax and revel in this accomplishment.


You’ll also take Clean Burn just before whole-food meals to help support fat burning. Clean Burn contains a powerful combination of ingredients that work to attack fat loss through multiple physiological processes. These include mobilizing fat from storage, boosting metabolism, and increasing thermogenesis. Ingredients include green tea extract, capsicum fruit, Gymnema sylvestre extract, and chromium complex. For best results, you should take 3 doses of 2 capsules every day while following my nutrition program to help maximize fat loss while maintaining lean muscle.

CYDNEY SAYS: Be as rigorous with your weight-loss supplements as you are with your training and nutrition. They all work together to help you get the most from your 8-week Fat-loss Figure Trainer.


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