Congratulations on completing Phase One of my 8-Week Fat-loss Figure Trainer! That’s a huge accomplishment. I’m going to amp up the intensity in Phase Two, and I’m also going to cut your calories a bit.

Remember, though, that you can still consume raw vegetables and protein products such as Kasein and Micropure Whey Protein Isolate to help stave off hunger. Fiber supplements also reduce hunger by slowing digestion to help you feel full for longer.


WEIGH YOURSELF: You need to do this right after you wake up—before you take in any fluids, protein, or food. The key is to see how much your weight has shifted since you began this program—and also to compare it against your previous week’s weigh-in. BTW: As I said last week, save your weight check for each of your Rest and Reevaluate Days. Don’t weigh yourself on other days of the week.

Here are my Day 28 changes to your diet. I’m making some modifications even if you’ve been making great progress. You’ll implement these tomorrow.

* Cut calorie intake by 1g per pound of your target bodyweight. This means that if you were consuming 15g for 140 pounds, you’ll drop that to 14g, meaning you’ll cut 140 calories out of your daily diet. To adjust this in the foods you consume, you’ll just multiply the amount you were consuming by .93. Another way to look at this is to cut about ¼ ounce from small portions and ½ ounce from larger portions. Cut these calories mostly from slow-digesting carbs, keep protein high and dietary fats moderate.

* Keep your fiber and protein intake high.These nutrients support maintenance of muscle mass while allowing your body to emphasize burning stored fat. Don’t cut your protein intake, and add or maintain fiber intake, whether that’s from beans and lentils, low-calorie vegetables or even supplement forms.

TAKE PHOTOS: Take your photos today to keep up the record of your progress. You should take these photos the same way you did during your prep and on the other 7th days of the week. That means wearing the same clothes, using the same photographer (even if that’s you). Shoot yourself from the same angles in the same place with the same lighting. And position your body as you did for your previous photos.

UPDATE YOUR JOURNAL: Make sure that you’ve recorded all of your workouts throughout all of Phase One. Also make certain that you’ve included all of the foods and supplements you’ve taken during the previous 4 weeks. This record is a huge benefit in helping you figure out if you have any weaknesses in the big picture while you’re following my 8-Week Fat-loss Figure Trainer.


I’d really like you to get this body-fat test from the same person who performed this (and through the same means) as you did before beginning this 8-Week Fat-loss Figure Trainer. You should see a significant difference in your body-fat level as compared to when you began. If the test doesn’t accurately reflect this, then judge your progress more by the way you appear in the mirror and how your clothes are fitting. Make sure you get this test before you consume your cheat meal today.


Get in your cheat meal today. Remember this is not just a reward: It’s a benefit moving forward. When you consume a cheat meal once a week, you’re helping to rev your metabolism and restock muscle glycogen for the intense training you’ll perform the next day.

Still, this meal should only be about 5 calories for your target weight. That means if you’re trying to get to 140 pounds as your end goal, then you can go with up to about 700 calories for this meal. 

As far as foods go, I don’t want you to go with just fast-digesting carbs (sugar). You can consume foods such as pizza, pasta or hamburgers that contain protein, dietary fats and carbs. Go with ones that contain all the macros that you’ve been craving!


When you’re on an intense training program with restricted calories, you can also rely upon other supplements such as fermented Glutamine and fermented BCAAs. While BCAAs are included in Amino Synergy, you may not be taking that product on your rest day. Consider adding them in while in your recovery mode.


As I said on the 7th day of the previous weeks, you can also perform some activity today. Take your kids to the park. Enjoy the day or the evening with your significant other. The key is to give your body a break from your typical weight-training and cardio routines. You’ll be back in the gym tomorrow, and you’ll be starting Phase Two—where we’re going to ratchet up your training a notch. I hope you’re ready for that!




Tomorrow we’re starting Phase Two of my 8-Week Fat-loss Figure Trainer. I’ll see you on the other side!

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