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Day 52:Legs (Glutes And Hams Emphasis)

We only have three weight-training workouts left. And this is your second-to-last legs training day on my 8-Week Fat-loss Figure Trainer. Not only is it important that you recognize each milestone during this final week, but it’s also essential that you make the adjustments you need to today’s workout to make sure you’re prepping for your photo shoot or contest on Day 56.

Today’s workout begins with seated hamstrings curls. You can perform these unilaterally and really focus on each leg. That’s a great technique, in general, if you feel that the backside of one of your legs is more developed than the other. This forces them to work equally. I like to use moves like this right before I compete or before a photo shoot so I can really focus on each leg and think about how to control the muscles of each side.

Next, you’ll perform single-leg hip thrusts, really emphasizing that contraction in your working-side glutes. After that, you’ll move on to cable kickbacks for your legs. You’ll perform these one leg at a time, but you switch the angles a bit to really feel the contraction in specific places in your glutes. Just make sure you keep both sides balanced. Use a mirror or spotter to make sure you’re training each leg equally during this move.

For sumo deadlifts, you can go lighter or heavier today. If you want to emphasize detail, then go with a light weight (even an empty bar). But if you think your hamstrings and glutes are underdeveloped, then go with weight. Adjust your reps as needed, keeping in mind that reaching form break with heavier weights and fewer reps encourages adding muscle mass while higher reps and lighter weight emphasizes detail.

After you perform your single-leg leg presses, you’ll follow that with wide-stance leg presses. This move allows you to recruit more glutes and hamstrings than the narrow version we used on Monday when we were emphasizing quads. That means that you’ll take the platform deeper, lowering it with a controlled slow pace that engages your hamstrings and glutes, stretching them into the hole. Make sure that this is comfortable, and keep your lower back pressed against the pad. Don’t go lower if your tailbone starts to round off the pad.

Finish up your workout with your abductors and adductors superset, and get in your 20 minutes of cardio at the time of day that’s best for you and your physique.

We’re down to the last two workouts! I’ll see you tomorrow.

DAY 52—Legs (Glutes and Hams Emphasis) Workout

Seated hamstrings curls

4 SETS / 15 REPS

Single-leg hip thrusts

4 SETS / 15 REPS

Single-leg cable kickbacks

4 SETS / 15 REPS

Sumo deadlifts

4 SETS / 15 REPS

Single-leg leg presses

4 SETS / 15 REPS

Wide-stance leg presses
4 SETS / 15 REPS

Adductor Machine

Perform adductor and abductor machine moves as a superset using a light weight.

4 SETS / 30 REPS

Abductor machine

Perform adductor and abductor machine moves as a superset using a light weight.

4 SETS / 30 REPS
Cardio20 Minutes

* Perform adductor and abductor machine moves as a superset using a light weight.

CYDNEY SAYS: Today is a good time to begin to ease off sodium. You don’t need to be super-strict with this today. You can still take in all your supps that contain sodium, but you can stop adding salt to your vegetables and proteins. Also look at labels to see where you’re getting most of your daily sodium. We’re going to cut sodium as much as possible starting to tomorrow.


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CYDNEY SAYS: You can sip on a water bottle mixed with Hydra-Charge throughout the day, but I especially recommend getting in a dose before, during or after my workouts. Try to get in at least two servings a day in addition to plenty of water.

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