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Today’s back and biceps workout begins with machine lat pulldowns. Performing the version without using knee pads really forces you to work your lats. It also takes a lot of full-body control, including core work. Don’t allow your butt to rise off the pad as you’re performing this exercise. Keep all of the tension in your lats, really controlling the weight, and feeling the contraction and stretch.

Next up are supported pull-ups. Keep in mind that if you can complete even just a few quality pull-ups without support, then you should do that. Just make sure that your form is impeccable. When you reach form break switch immediately to the supported version and complete more reps to get in your total of 10 reps per set. Many supported pull-up machines anticipate this need, and they provide a way for you to move the support bar or platform out of the way so you can perform regular pull-ups to form break before transitioning to the supported version.

For demi-grip pulldowns, you’ll use the version where you place your legs under support pads to prevent you from rising out of your seat. This allows you to go heavier because you use this anchor to allow a slower, more deliberate stretch with heavier weights. Pull the weight into your chest without swinging from the hips—really use those lats rather than momentum or leverage.

Then you’ll perform straight-arm pushdowns. For this move, always bring the weight toward your hips. Keep your chest up and really squeeze through the motion. This move is great for helping to tie your lats into the front of your body, working the serratus muscles that lie along your sides. Think about squeezing and then stretching those muscles along your sides that lie below your arm pits. Those are an important small muscle group for developing a complete physique.

That brings us to biceps work. While I’m recommending only one move because that’s what I do, I’m going to provide some additional tips if you need more work for this muscle group. If your biceps aren’t coming in, then I’d say you should perform 3 moves for biceps:

  1. Go with alternating dumbbell curls (heavy-ish) to add a little muscle.
  2. Include hammer curls (cross body) to build the brachialis (the muscle that lies beneath the biceps that’s visible on both the outer and inner arm).
  3. Finish up with cable curls to really bring in detail—emphasize the stretch, taking 2 seconds for every extension.

My note on abs is similar to the one for biceps: Perform the training and volume and specific moves that your physique needs at this point. I don’t think you can go wrong with hanging leg raises and wheel roll outs. Both of these moves force you to work your abs when performed properly—they’re challenging exercises. In addition, they help teach you how to control your abs. I want you to think about that as you perform your abs training: Think of every rep as a “pose,” Allowing you to get the best contraction. Now try that while smiling. You’re going to have to do that on stage or in photos, so this is a good time to practice that happy face.

DAY 39—Back and Biceps Workout

Machine lat pulldowns

4 SETS / 15 REPS

Supported pull-ups

4 SETS / 5-10 REPS

Demi-grip pulldowns

4 SETS / 15 REPS

Seated demi-grip low-pulley rows

4 SETS / 15 REPS

Straight-arm pushdowns

4 SETS / 15 REPS

Biceps cable curls
4 SETS / 30 REPS

Hanging leg raises

3 SETS / 15 REPS
Ball crunches
3 SETS / 15 REPS

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