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Day 50:Legs (Quads Emphasis)

You’ve made it to the last week of my 8-Week Fat-loss Figure Trainer! Congratulations on that. This week’s workouts are all about fine-tuning and making sure your body looks as good as possible. That’s true whether your goal is to reduce body fat for a contest, a photo shoot or just to look the best you ever have. With that in mind I want you to think about how your physique looks as you’re performing all of the moves in today’s workout—and throughout this final week.

Today’s workout begins with Smith Machine back squats. Remember that you want to push yourself by increasing weight, but his move is also a warm up. Make sure you’re really warmed up rather than increasing weight too quickly—you may be a little more susceptible to injury when your bodyfat levels are lower, and you’re consuming less food.

For stationary split lunges you can go with different foot positions, taking a slightly wider or narrower stance. You can inch your lead foot forward, but don’t over do it. Keep the move slow, smooth and controlled. Think about working those quads, and don’t pause or squirm between reps.

I want you to take a deep breath and really push yourself while you’re performing hack squats. You can add a little more weight if you have a spotter, but the goal is to keep continuous effort in your quads rather than to overemphasize weight. When I say I want you to push yourself never forget that I mean I want you to work your target muscles with as much intensity as you can without relying on “cheating” techniques that increase the risk of injury.

Next up are wide leg presses, where you’ll use the range of motion that’s best for you in terms of honing detail. For legs presses and legs extensions, I want you to overemphasize the contraction at the top of the motion. Hold that contraction in your quads, imagining that you’re posing on stage or for a photo.

Complete today’s training with your cardio and abs, performing them at the time of day you prefer.

DAY 50—Legs (Quads Emphasis) Workout

Stationary split lunges

4 SETS / 15 REPS

Hack squats

4 SETS / 20 REPS

Wide leg presses

4 SETS / 20 REPS

Leg extensions

4 SETS / 15 REPS

Twisting floor crunches3 SETS / 15 REPS
Wheel roll outs3 SETS / 15 REPS
Cardio20 MINUTES

CYDNEY SAYS: If you haven’t already spent some time posing in front of the mirror, now is a good time to really check out how you look. Trying holding those posed contractions for at least 30 seconds. You’re going to see that quite a bit more effort goes into posing than just standing in place and looking good.

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