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Day 54:Legs (All Groups)

I want you to make today’s workout exactly what you need it to be. After all, it’s your last weight-training workout on my 8-Week Fat-loss Figure Trainer. The program for today is to train all of your leg muscles, but you may need to do some last minute tinkering with other muscle groups. At the point, I hope you have learned that you need to listen to my advice, but then make it your own.

With that said, I am going to provide my last thoughts on training legs before a competition or photo shoot.

For front and back barbell squats, you should go fairly light today. Get as low as possible, but then rise quickly—keep those target muscles working and really feel the blood flow into the area. Perform as few or as many reps as needed so that your legs feel complete and ready to compete.

Next, perform wide hack squats, really pushing through your full foot and keeping your heel engaged with the platform. For dumbbell walking lunges, you’re going to make sure that your form is tight and deliberate—train with or without weight depending on your need on this last weight-training workout. Finish up with pop squats.

Keep in mind that you’re training for the look of your muscles at this point. You aren’t trying to build them. Your aim should be to make sure they look as good as they possibly can from this last workout.

Don’t forget to train your abs and get in cardio to help your body continue to boost metabolism and support recovery before your target date

.And don’t forget to take a moment to congratulate yourself. You’ve completed all of the weight-training exercises on my 8-Week Fat-loss Figure Trainer. Tomorrow we have a little bit of abs and cardio, and then Day 56 is your last prep day. On this last day, I’ll provide some guidance about moving forward after you complete an intense program like this one.

DAY 54—Legs (All Groups) Workout

Front barbell squats

4 SETS / 25 REPS

Barbell squats

4 SETS / 20 REPS

Wide Hack squats

4 SETS / 15 REPS

Dumbbell Walking lunges

15 Steps per Leg

4 SETS / 15 REPS per Side

Pop squats

4 SETS / 20 REPS

Ball crunches
3 SETS / 15 REPS

Twisting cable crunches (standing)

3 SETS / 15 REPS per Side



CYDNEY SAYS: Since we have cut sodium already, it is essential that you avoid it today at all costs. Getting in a “little” cheat food that contains sodium will cause you to retain water since you have already reduced intake, so don’t do that. Keeping sodium out of your diet is one of the most important things you need to do at this point in your program. Keep your water intake high and make sure that you’re not getting any unwanted sodium from any source, including your supplements.


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