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Day 55:Judgement day!

I’m heading back to Dr. Jason Watson’s clinic today for my final check-in. If you recall at the beginning of this program, my stats were:


Weight:224.7 lbs
Body Fat:19.5%


Weight:211.4 lbs
Body Fat:11%

The final calculations have actually been very eye-opening for a number of reasons, which I’ll explain now. The total loss for me is 13 lbs, which in isolation might not appear that drastic. However, the machine that Dr. Watson used to measure my results show that I’ve actually lost 20.5 lbs of fat and gained over 7 lbs of lean mass, of which 2 lbs is solid muscle tissue. This is almost unheard of, especially in such a short period. Usually gaining 2 lbs of muscle tissue per year is my goal; so to do that in 8 weeks is absolutely phenomenal! This is a testament to my meticulous timing with every meal, the intensity of my workouts and the potency of KAGED MUSCLE supplements.

To further illustrate how amazing these results are, and how life-changing they are, Dr. Watson explained the benefits on my heart. For every pound of body fat you carry, there is approximately 1 mile of capillaries within that tissue which your heart has to pump blood through. That means I’ve removed 20 miles of blood vessels that my heart had to previously feed with blood, increasing the stress on it, of course. Who knows to what extent this could affect my longevity, as well as yours.

This is why I do these transformations, to show you that this lifestyle is about changing your life for the better. It’s so much more than looking great; it’s about feeling better within yourself and enhancing your state of health. I’m absolutely thrilled with the results and I’m very pleased that I documented the official stats with a non-biased scientific expert so that you’re able to see for yourself how effective this program is.

Such a large part of this process has been about focusing on recovery so that I’ve always felt refreshed and ready to hit the gym harder than the time before, becoming almost limitless. Having my regular cryotherapy and massage has helped alleviate any previous issues I’ve had with joint pain and inflammation. The KAGED MUSCLE supplements I’ve been using, with the patented ingredients and efficacious dosages, have enabled my muscles to recover, then grow like never before. Another intrinsic piece of advice that I need to reiterate is that in order to achieve these kind of results, you must feed your body with the correct nutrients, which it is able to absorb. If you’re consuming foods that cause excessive inflammation, then you won’t benefit from those nutrients as you should. All of these factors might seem insignificant to you on their own, but once you bring them altogether, you create an overwhelming amount of momentum, as we’ve done over the last 8 weeks together.

For years I’ve been told these results are impossible, which is why this time I decided to prove it to you through scientific data. Somebody has to do this stuff and achieve these results, so why can’t it be you? I was just a normal guy from a very rural part of Wales, who had very little other than the determination to become someone and inspire millions of people. Your own journey can begin today if you’re willing to put this program into action. Don’t chat, do!

As a reward to yourself, go and do something that isn’t centered on food. Rather than have a big binge out, I’ve treated myself to some new triathlon gear and I’m also having some of my tattoos touched up. Rewarding yourself with food usually leads to bad eating patterns, so don’t go down that route.

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