Day 28 Active Rest Day

To start this Sunday off, I hit the mountain trails on my bike, as a means of getting my cardio done. Today I’ve got a gentleman from Dubai with me, who’s flown all this way to spend 4 hours with me! This really blows my mind. I feel very privileged to be in this position where I can have such a positive influence on so many people. Whatever your current situation in life, endeavor to be the best you can be. Do things others won’t, so you can have things others can’t. There will always be haters and naysayers there to try and defy your persistence, but you just need to ignore that and focus on you. In 5 or 10 years’ time, the words these people spout off at you won’t matter, so don’t listen to them today!

Another daily tip you can take from me is taking a bath. Usually I will either start or end my day with a bath because it gives me time to relax, giving my mind the necessary freedom to de-stress. However, it’s also a very functional habit for recovery because it helps increase blood flow through your muscle fibers, reducing inflammation and knotting. I thoroughly recommend you make time for this if you can.


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