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Day 20:Active Rest Day

It’s a non-training day. These non-training days are important for recovery as well as our attention to sleep. This is a perfect scenario of “do as I say, not as I do” because I for one have little sleep. However, I believe I eat enough to recover because I never feel drained, exhausted, weak, or tired. To assist with better recovery, make sure your nutrition is on point and you are getting in your RE-KAGED after every workout session. Sleep is also a critical factor in ensuring you recover properly. Aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

To help keep my nutrition on point, I use a home delivery grocery service. I’m a very busy guy, and having my foods delivered from a reputable supplier ensures I control what I put into my body—there’s no room for unwanted toxins when you’re trying to optimize your results in four weeks. You may not have a service such as this available to you, or you may prefer to grocery shop yourself. Whatever the case, make sure you are getting the cleanest foods possible to fuel your body. Watch this video for a couple of quick tips to help you choose the right foods.


AM Cardio: 50 minutes
300 Twists
PM Cardio: 50 minutes

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