Day 16 Chest

At this point, you may be getting a little weaker on your Operation Aesthetic. That’s to be expected. Don’t be discouraged by this. Keep your sets and reps the same, and make adjustments in your weights if needed. Remember, your goal is to make your muscles appear larger and more detailed, not to lift more weight when you’re dieting.


*You can start with a few minutes on a cardio machine to get your body warmed up in addition to performing a warm-up set of weights for your compound moves at the beginning of your weight-training workout.

*It’s important that you include both incline and flat angles in each workout. Incline moves hit the upper chest, while flat barbell bench presses work the mid-chest. When you hit both of these angles, you naturally develop the appearance of your lower pecs due to gravity.


Early morning cardio


25 minutes

Perform this session upon waking before consuming food.




Incline dumbbell bench presses

Continue to pyramid up in weight for each set to your ability.

5 SETS / 12, 10, 8, 4, 15 REPS

Barbell bench presses

You can make the last 3 sets a drop, performing 4 reps and then 15 and 15 with less weight for the last with no rest between these sets.

6 SETS / 12, 10, 8, 4, 15, 15 REPS

Incline dumbbell flyes

Keep your position solid throughout every rep, holding your abs tight as you emphasize stretching your pecs.

4 SETS / 12, 10, 8, 15 REPS


Really emphasize the stretch and contraction in your chest—choose the hand position that helps you target your chest best.

4 SETS / Burnout

Incline Smith machine bench presses

You should be getting stronger on this move from week to week as your body accommodates to this training volume.

5 SETS / 12, 10, 7, 3, 15 REPS


Post-Workout cardio


25 minutes

These sessions can be performed later in the evening rather than immediately after training if you prefer.


TIP: Pay more attention to your supplement and nutrition protocol if you have less energy as you’re approaching the end of your workouts at this point in Operation Aesthetic. IN-KAGED® is an intra-workout product designed to help keep you energized and fueled throughout your workout, and it also helps jump-start recovery.

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