Day 56 Rest & Re-evaluate

Man, you should be so proud of yourself for making it to the end of my Operation Aesthetic program. I know how challenging this is, so I bow down. I hope you’re seeing the results you expected.

While you still have a to-do list for today, I want you to take some time to celebrate your success. That’s true however much fat you’ve lost—discipline is its own success, and you’ve proved that by sticking to this program for the full 8 weeks!

Today, you’ll cut sodium almost entirely from your diet as you drink up to 2 gallons of water to your thirst—don’t force in too much water, but do drink as much as you can comfortably tolerate. This continual reduction over the past 4 days or so will help hone your physique for photos or competition, revealing all of the details in your physique as your skin thins. 


Each full rest day—the 7th of each week—comes with bullet points you need to complete. This is the last one on Operation Aesthetic:

Weigh yourself upon rising.You already know that weight is not the issue at this point, but it remains an important metric as you move forward in your physique goals. The nutrition and supps program I’ve laid out for you are designed to help you spare muscle tissue as you maximize fat loss. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror to see how you look to yourself after all of this hard work. You’ll compare this impression to your photos. Often, bodybuilders think they look much better or far worse in the mirror than photos reveal. Record these discrepancies in your journal.

Take photos of yourself.  Wear the same clothes you have for every photo shoot at the end of the week during Operation Aesthetic. Make sure that all the other variables are the same. Take these photos at the same time of day in the same lighting and from the same angles as you did for each previous week. This is essential at the end of my fat-loss Trainer series. 

Update your journal.Not only should you record your workouts, supps, and foods, but you should also keep track of your sodium intake in your journal as you drop water heading into your photo shoot or competition. Also keep track of how much water you’re drinking. All of this info will be helpful on your next diet.

Consider your cheat meal at the end of the day.If you like the way you look, then you probably shouldn’t change a thing. Making a shift to your program can have a dramatic effect on how you appear the next day or even several hours later. My recommendation is to just consume your typical last meal of the day and get a good night’s rest if you’re competing the next day. However, if you look a little flat, then you can consider getting in a moderate amount of faster-digesting carbs such as white rice or a baked potato, or starchy ones such as pasta. Regardless, go easy on these and avoid sodium.


Get a body fat test: One final thing you want to record is how much body fat you lost during Operation Aesthetic. Make sure to use the same person and source you used for your previous body fat tests. And, again, remember that you not only weigh less, but you’ve lost body fat as a percent of total weight. That’s a double loss in the total amount of body fat you’ve lost.



Again, congratulations on your success on completing my 8-week fat-loss Trainer series! Following these workouts, nutrition recommendations, and supplement commitments, is a noteworthy accomplishment. Please post your “before” and “after” photos, and contact me at . I’m glad you’ve joined the Kaged Muscle team, and you’ve supported me on this Trainer series as I was preparing for [competition TK].

I can’t wait to see how you improve, and I hope you keep following me!




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