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When you want to dramatically evolve your physique over eight weeks, it’s essential that you also include supplements. I believe that taking premium researched supplements will improve your muscle gains significantly, but you have to take the right supplements at the right time of day to maximally boost your gains. Supplements will not drive gains alone, but when you combine them with proper training and nutrition protocols you’ll get far better results.

As the CEO of KAGED MUSCLE, I’ve spent uncountable hours helping to formulate and test the best products available, based on the most recent research. In addition, I’ve tried these supplements myself as have many of my clients. The proof is in the pudding—everyone who has used KAGED MUSCLE products in combination with my 8-Week Muscle-Building Trainer has experienced dynamic muscle production.

With that said, I’d like to provide you with my recommendations for the best supplement stack available while you’re following my 8-week program:


I like to take this pre-workout product about 30 minutes before each weight-training workout. PRE-KAGED supports heightened mental focus and provides your body with ingredients that help stimulate better performance.* With the help of PRE-KAGED, you’ll feel laser-focused, pushing to lift more weight than ever before, getting more reps, and remaining focused for the duration of your workout.* The product contains caffeine from PurCaf™ Organic Caffeine, fermented BCAAs, pure L-citrulline, patented CarnoSyn (beta-alanine), and many other ingredients that help drive focus, energy, hydration, and strength for far better workouts.*



This amino acid transports fatty acids into your cells, where your mitochondria oxidizes them, promoting energy for better workouts.* I like to break two veggie capsules of KAGED MUSCLE Carnitine into my PRE-KAGED for more energy and better fat-burning results.* On your active rest days, you should take a serving of Carnitine before each of your cardio sessions for better fat loss results.*



This product is designed to be taken during your workouts. It helps prolong your energy, accelerate ATP regeneration, and buffer lactic acid buildup, while also supporting optimal hydration.* It does so with the quality ingredients it contains, including fermented BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine, and valine), pure L-Citrulline, patented CarnoSyn (beta-alanine), and coconut water, among others.



Immediately after each workout you’ll take RE-KAGED to get the fastest digesting protein possible into your system to help start the recovery process to rebuild muscle.* RE-KAGED contains ProHydrolase, a digestive enzyme matrix that supports faster breakdown of protein molecules for even better results.* I like to break two KAGED MUSCLE Carnitine veggie caps into my RE-KAGED post-workout to help further boost muscle recovery.*



On my program, you’ll also take a serving of Kasein each night before bed to promote anabolism (muscle building) while you sleep.* Kasein is a slow-digesting form of protein that prevents muscle breakdown (catabolism) while you sleep and are not consuming protein.* Again, I add two KAGED MUSCLE Carnitine caps to this shake for better recovery.*




This product helps you stay hydrated, which helps accelerate fat burning, volumize your muscle cells, and improve exercise performance.* Adding Hydra-Charge to your water every day adds flavor, encouraging you to drink more fluid. It also provides essential electrolytes and antioxidants to support immune function, which supports health and faster recovery from training.*



You should take Ferodrox, KAGED MUSCLE’s testosterone-support matrix, 1–2 times each day. This powerful formula will help elevate your testosterone to ideal healthy levels while controlling estrogen, and it contains Tongkat ali(or Eurycoma longifolia), ashwagandha, and DIM, among other ingredients.* This supplement is essential for this program if you want to optimize your strength, muscle size, performance, vitality, focus, energy, and sexual function.* I suggest women take 1 capsule per day and men take 2 per day.


KAGED MUSCLE’s version of this nitric oxide (NO) booster should be taken on your active rest days. That’s because the other KAGED MUSCLE products contain Pure L-Citrulline. This amino acid supports muscle growth even on active rest days, though.* It promotes vasodilation (widening of your veins), allowing greater delivery of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the muscles you’re training.* That’s crucial for both cardio and weight training for enhanced performance and faster recovery.*



As with Pure Citrulline, you don’t need to supplement Creatine HCL on workout days when you’re taking other KAGED MUSCLE products. This ingredient is included in PRE-KAGED and RE-KAGED. But you should add a scoop of Creatine HCL, which is more soluble than creatine monohydrate, on your non-workout days to re-load your muscles for better workouts in the coming days.*



Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) include leucine, isoleucine, and valine. This group of amino acids is unique in its ability to support muscle building while reducing catabolism (muscle breakdown) from intense training.* Because your body cannot make BCAAs, you need to get them from your food and supplements, and you have a much greater demand for them when you’re training with intensity. KAGED MUSCLE’s Fermented BCAAs are delivered in the ideal 2:1:1 ratio.



Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body, and it can be synthesized from other amino acids. When your body has a greater need for glutamine, such as when you’re on an intense training program, it may break down muscle tissue for this purpose. Supplementing glutamine helps prevent this.* In addition, glutamine supports digestion, helps boost immunity, and hastens muscle recovery.*



KAGED MUSCLE MICROPURE® Whey Protein Isolate has been formulated to be the purest, cleanest and fastest digesting whey protein isolate to help fuel your gains.* MICROPURE® Whey Protein Isolate contains ProHydrolase, a digestive enzyme matrix that supports faster breakdown of protein molecules for even better results. This is a great tasting protein anytime you desire a high-quality, high-protein drink to help meet your daily protein target. 



Here are my recommendations for what you should take on each of your weight-training days: 

Upon Rising Hydra-Charge 1 scoop
  Fermented BCAAs 1 scoop
  Fermented Glutamine 1 scoop
  MICROPURE Whey Isolate Protein 1 scoop
With Breakfast Ferodrox 2 capsules
Pre-workout PRE-KAGED 1 scoop
  Fermented Glutamine 1 scoop
  Carnitine 2 capsules
Intra-workout IN-KAGED 1 scoop
Post-workout RE-KAGED 1 scoop
  Creatine HCl 1 scoop
2 capsules
  Fermented BCAAs 1 scoop
Bedtime Kasein 1 scoop


Here are my recommendations for what you should take on each of your non-weight-training days:  
Upon Rising Hydra-Charge 1 scoop
  Fermented BCAAs 1 scoop
  Fermented Glutamine 1 scoop
  MICROPURE Whey Protein 
1 scoop
With Breakfast Ferodrox 2 capsules
Pre-cardio Pure Citrulline 3 scoops
  Creatine HCl 1 scoop
  Carnitine 2 capsules
Pre-HIIT Hydra-Charge 1 scoop
  Fermented BCAAs 1 scoop
  Fermented Glutamine 1 scoop
  Creatine HCl 1 scoop
2 capsules
Bedtime Kasein 1 scoop



That’s your entire supplement stack for this program. You can order your products from HERE, and use them as I’ve outlined in this program. Leave nothing to chance and follow all of my supplement advice if you want the muscle-building results that I experienced with this program.

You can view these products on this site, and you can see my progression over the course of the 56 daily videos I’ve posted. You’ll get similar results when you dial in and follow my full program to the letter.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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