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Day 49:Active Rest Day

You’re fasting now, so you’ll likely not be eating “break fast” today. You need to wait until at least 16 hours pass before you have your next meal. As I explained in the previous day’s description, supporting autophagy is crucial to maximizing muscle building and health.

In addition, fasting encourages your body to rid itself of undigested food and improve insulin sensitivity. This also has a minor benefit in improving the benefits of natural testosterone and growth hormone, but every little bit helps.I did a 1000-meter swim in the afternoon, but I was still feeling a little depressed or stressed. This didn’t have anything to do with life events; it’s just a natural part of my personal rhythm. If that happens to you, take that into account. My solution is always to go work out. That doesn’t always “cure” the mood, but it doesn’t hurt. And, at the very least, I’ve performed a healthy activity.

In some ways I feel lucky to have a job I enjoy, but in others I feel as though I’ve pursued this avenue, and so I have earned it. I’ve been a builder’s laborer, a warehouse worker, a groundsman, a driver, a doorman, and a bartender, among many others. I feel as though my life is about purpose. It’s not about money or making ends meet. That’s what training and Kaged Muscle have done for me. My message to you is to pursue what you want. When you get it, you’ll know that you’ve earned it.




4 minutes easy/1 minute full intensity for a total of 15 minutes

Steady-state cardio



20 minutes


Remember that muscle building doesn’t happen in the gym—in the gym you’re tearing down your muscles. The majority of your evolution happens in the kitchen. That means you need to have all of your food prepared and your supplements ready. Every time you leave your house you need to have your supplements and food with you—even if you’re just going for a quick errand or meeting. You never know what will happen, and you need to be prepared for any eventuality. Take your meals with you everywhere. I do not leave home without them, and neither should you.

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