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Day 21:Active Rest

Remember that the 16-hour fast will help remove all the undigested food you’ve consumed during the week, and it’s going to improve your muscle-protein synthesis and your insulin sensitivity. That means you’ll get a good insulin spike when you do eat foods that drive the release of this important muscle-building hormone.

You’ll go without food for 16 hours since your previous meal the day before, so you should plan this to work best with your body. Throughout the day I’ll get in my Creatine HCl, fermented Glutamine, Citrulline, BCAAs, and Hydra-Charge even though I’m fasting. You can take these in before, during, and after your morning cardio while you’re fasting.




4 minutes easy/1 minute full intensity for a total of 15 minutes

Steady-state cardio



20 minutes

TIP: Your once-a-week 16-hour fast is beneficial for anti-aging and longevity. It also gives you another form of discipline. That’s what this program is all about psychologically—getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. That’s how you make improvements in your physique and your life. The mind-muscle connection isn’t just about what happens when you’re training.

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