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Day 57 Legs, Calves & Abs

Congratulations for making it to week 9 of the Lean Muscle Trainer. Make sure you’ve calculated your macros for this week so you’re on point with your diet. Following the nutrition component of this trainer is very important for a successful transformation.

We’re starting the week as usual with legs, we’ll be doing circuits, giant sets and supersets. Today’s workout is meant to test you mentally as much as it does physically, as a good workout should.

We’ll kick the workout off with a circuit of leg extensions, goblet squats, walking lunges, and box jumps. For the goblet squats try to keep your back straight so that you’re stressing your leg muscles and not your lower back. You’ll do the first 3 moves of this circuit for 20 reps and for the box jumps, you’ll go for 1 minute without resting.

For the giant set, we’ll do squats, lying hamstring curls and frog jumps. For the squats, I have Kai use the squat machine and Danielle use the smith machine. I do this so we don’t have to swap the weights around between their sets. Choose whichever machine you have available. On the squats, drive hard through the concentric as if you’re going to jump up. For the frog jumps, really focus on your quads and the explosiveness of this movement. I’ve felt that training explosive in these movements can help with getting out of the “hole” on exercises like the squat. Pay attention to how Kai and Danielle perform the exercises in today’s workouts through the full range of motion.

Finally, we finish the workout off strong with calves and abs superset.


60 minutes

If the weather permits, do some of your cardio outside to break up the monotony but please try to perform at least 1 per day on the stepper


Leg Extensions
3 Sets - 20 Reps

Circuit: Leg Extensions, Goblet Squats, Walking Lunges, Box Jumps.

Goblet Squats
3 Sets - 20 Reps

Walking Lunges
3 Sets - 20 Reps

Box Jumps
3 Sets - 1Minute

3 Sets - 20 Reps

Giant Set: Squats, Lying Hamstring Curls, Frog Jumps

Lying Hamstring Curls
3 Sets - 20 Reps

Frog Jumps
3 Sets - 20 Reps

3 Sets - Failure

Single Leg Bodyweight
Calf Raises
3 Sets - 20 Reps


60 minutes

Gethin’s Go To

Consistency. A take home lesson I want you to get from today’s workout and this trainer is that it’s about consistency. It’s about getting the work done every day, even on the days when you’re tired or grouchy. Get in the gym and watch how your whole mood changes after you accomplish something difficult. One of the keys to success, not just with this trainer, is putting in the work every day.


KASEIN provides benefits on both non- and weight-training days. While you’re following my 12-Week Lean Muscle Program, you’ll take in a serving of KASEIN each night before bed to support anabolism (positive nitrogen balance important for maintaining muscle) while you sleep. KASEIN is a slow-digesting form of protein that prevents muscle breakdown (catabolism) while you sleep and are not consuming protein. KASEIN can also be taken between meals when you want a slow, sustained release of amino acids. I carry KASEIN with me everywhere I go in case I am not able to get in protein from a meal.

DOSE AND TIMING: Mix 1 scoop of KASEIN with about 8 ounces of water and consume each night before you go to sleep. Follow similar dosing info for other times of day when you need a slow, sustained release of amino acids. I personally prefer to mix it in a bowl with just a little water so that it is thick, with the great taste of a good-for-you pudding.

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