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Day 14:Active Rest And Reevaluate

Today is one of the most important reevaluate days on your 12-Week Lean Muscle Program. At this point you should have a fairly good sense about how well my program is working for you. You should already be able to see some changes in the mirror. However, we’re still going to go through all of the metrics that I want you to follow on every reevaluate day, and I want you to make adjustments as I suggest.


Here’s your to-do list, and potential adjustments you should consider making based on your results.

* Weigh yourself upon rising. Remember that the goals is not to lose weight — although that will happen — but to use your current bodyweight as a metric for shifting your diet, adjusting your cardio, and/or changing up your supplements.

* If you have not lost weight or gained weight:

Evaluate whether or not you think you’re adding muscle mass faster than you’re losing body fat. If so, then that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Many people readily add muscle mass, but many people burn stored fat more slowly. If you’re happy with the way you look, then you may not need to make any shifts to the nutrition program.

However, I do want you to make sure that you are following my calorie and macronutrient recommendations as precisely as you can. I recommend that you:

- Use a scale to weigh your foods

- Rely more on the calculator I included in my Nutrition Overview

- Cut carbs consumption to 1.3 g on weight-training days. It’s possible that you’re simply consuming too many calories to lose weight, and the best place to cut them now is from carbs such as yams, rice and potatoes

* If you have lost more than 5 pounds:

This may be a good result for you, especially if you’re overweight and weigh more than about 170 pounds. Continue to follow my basic nutrition recommendations unless you think you look overly depleted. However, if you weigh less than 170 pounds and you’ve lost this much weight, then you may be cutting calories too low. I recommend that you:

- Use a scale to weigh your foods

- Rely more on the calculator I included in my Nutrition Overview

- Also consider that you’ve dropped water weight

-Bump up your protein intake by about 50g per day.

* If you’ve lost a moderate amount of weight:

This is precisely the result you want to see at this point in my program. Just stay on track with your weight training, cardio, nutrition, and supplementation. We’re taking up the intensity next week so you’ll naturally be burning more calories, and you’ll potentially be adding muscle mass, which also helps burns calories to support fat loss.

* Take photos of yourself. I want you to take these photos in the exact same way that you did before you started this program and last week. Here are my bullet points about taking these photos:

* Take them at the same time of day

* Take them in the same place

* Take them with the same lighting

* Wear the same clothes

* Use the same photographer (even if that’s you)

* Pose in the same way

Don’t forget to get in 2 sessions of cardio today—20 minutes upon waking and another 20 minutes much later in the day.







20 minutes

Steady-state upon waking



20 minutes

Steady-state later in the day or in the evening; Make sure to split your 2 cardio sessions.

GETHIN TIPS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE: Pre-workout meal before weight training

You want to get in a whole-food meal about 90 minutes before you weight train; then you take in your pre-workout supplements shortly before you train.

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