Biceps Week 10

This week repeats the workout from Week 2. You’ll perform the same exercise for the same sets and rests with the same rest periods. The only difference is this time you’ll be using heavier weights. At this point you should see considerable improvement in your biceps. Likely they still won’t be a stand-out body part for you if they’re your greatest weakness, but you should notice more detail and mass.


* Lying cable curls prevents you from incorporating other body parts, emphasizing biceps.

* For regular barbell curls you’ll go with a shoulder-width grip. Look at my videos for more about why you adjust your hand placements for more complete biceps development.

* You’ll finish off this workout with cable preacher curls, going with 20 reps per set.



Lying cable curls

5 SETS / 15 REPS

60 seconds of rest between sets

Barbell curls

5 SETS / 15 REPS

90 seconds of rest between sets

One-arm cable preacher curls

5 SETS / 15 REPS

60 seconds of rest between sets

I believe that visualization is an important aspect of muscle growth: You should focus on your biceps growing larger as perform every rep. That isn’t just some touchy feely bullshit—it brings your attention to the muscle you’re working, helping you feel the contraction and stretch, which encourages greater work in the area you’re targeting.


Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body, and it can be synthesized from other amino acids. When your body has a greater need for glutamine, such as when you’re on an intense training program, it may break down muscle tissue for this purpose. Supplementing Fermented Glutamine helps prevent this.


Check out my video for detailed tips on how to perform each exercise, and also review my Week 2 video for additional info.

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