Biceps Week 8

This may be the most challenging week of this program. This week we’re combining two of the most effective growth techniques — supersets and DTP. It’s no coincidence that I call these DTP supersets, and they’re amazingly effective. They’re also quite challenging. Here’s how they work:

You’ll perform a set of wide-grip barbell curls for 30 reps with a light weight, followed immediately by a set of narrow-grip barbell curls with a light weight for another 30 reps, and then you’ll rest for 3 minutes. Then you’ll drop to 25 reps for each, choosing a weight that allows you to perform all reps.

Continue to pyramid down in reps until you reach 10 in your DTP superset. Then repeat this set before increasing reps while decreasing weights. You’ll perform a total of 10 DTP supersets.


* Rest 3 minutes between each DTP superset and choose weights that allow you to complete all reps.

* When you reach the midpoint, you’ll flip the two moves and begin with narrow-grip barbell curls followed immediately by wide-grip barbell curls.

* You’re going to need your recovery supplements. I recommend getting in RE-KAGED® immediately after your workout and Kasein®—go with a 2-scoop serving before bedtime.




Narrow-grip barbell curls


10 SETS / 

30,25,20,15,10,10,15,20,25,30 REPS

DTP SUPERSET: You’ll perform 10 of these supersets, beginning with a light weight for high reps. Rest 3 minutes between each DTP superset. After you complete 5 DTP supersets, you’ll reverse the order of the exercises, beginning the last 5 sets with narrow-grip barbell curls and finishing with wide-grip barbell curls.


Wide-grip barbell curls

10 SETS / 30,25,20,15,10,10,15,20,25,30 REPS 


TIP: Your biceps are going to be so fried by this workout that there’s no point in working your back with any moves that include your biceps—go with light deadlifts and straight-arm pressdowns if you train back at all.

Check out my video for detailed tips on how to perform this challenging DTP superset.

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