Biceps:Week 3

This week we’ll start with alternate dumbbell curls, and we’re going to include 4 sets of each move, except for the last exercise where we’ll perform 2 sets for higher reps as a burnout. I’ll also be officially introducing rest-pause into each set. I mentioned that last week, but now we’re going to make certain that we’re using this intense training principle. To do this, we’ll complete 15 reps to failure. Then rest for several seconds until you’re able to perform 5 more reps. Complete those and then rest for 2 minutes between all set 


* Supinate your hand at the top of alternating dumbbell curls—this means that you’ll twist your hands to the outside to better work the outer portion of your biceps.

* Drag curls work the biceps while removing the front delts from the movement. Take a look at my comments in the video to see how they are performed differently from regular barbell curls.

* Flex and stretch your biceps between sets.

* Make sure you’ve taken Creatine HCl and PRE-KAGED® so you still have plenty of creatine in your system to support between set recovery.



Alternating dumbbell curls

4 SETS / 15 + 5 REPS

Rest pause with 2 minutes of rest between sets

High-pulley cable curls

4 SETS / 15 + 5 REPS

Rest pause with 2 minutes of rest between sets

Drag curls

4 SETS / 15 + 5 REPS

Rest pause with 2 minutes of rest between sets

Standing cable curls

2 SETS / 20 + 5 REPS

Rest pause with 2 minutes of rest between sets

You can use wrist straps for biceps exercises. You may not feel you need them, but one thing they’ll do is they’ll lighten your grip, reducing the amount you’re using your forearms to perform biceps moves—that may be another reason you have weak biceps: you’re overusing your grip and forearms. 


Creatine is an amino acid compound that provides multiple training advantages. Primarily, it helps your body generate adenosine triphosphate (ATP) for better between set recovery. It also helps draw water into muscle cells for enhanced cellular volume. I add a dose of Creatine HCl before and after workouts. This Kaged Muscle® product is more soluble than run-of-the-mill creatine monohydrate, and it helps re-load your muscles for better workouts.


Check out my video for detailed tips on how to perform each exercise.

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