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This workout uses the same moves as Week 2, but now you’ll use heavier weights while following the same sets, reps and rest schemes. At this point, you should be much stronger.


* Keep all your reps strict—while you should be stronger, the goal is not to sling around more weight; it’s to work these muscles just as strictly with the amount of weight you can now control for the number of sets and reps.

* Barbell shrugs targets the upper portion of your traps. Keep your arms straight and hold the contraction at the top for about a second. Then pause for 2 minutes between sets.  



Reverse-grip pulldowns

4 SETS / 12 REPS

You’ll rest for 2 minutes between sets

Bent-over rows

4 SETS / 12 REPS

Reps go up by 2 compared to last week with the same weight

Barbell shrugs

4 SETS / 12 REPS

Rest 2 minutes between sets



Perform these with good form to your level of failure.


4 SETS / 12 REPS

To work your spinal erectors


TIP: Take in PRE-KAGED® before each training session to support the increase in workload from the last time you performed this workout in Week 2.


Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body, and it can be synthesized from other amino acids. When your body has a greater need for glutamine, such as when you’re on an intense training program, it may break down muscle tissue for this purpose. Supplementing Fermented Glutamine helps reduce muscle breakdown and encourages protein synthesis.

Check out my video for comments on how to adapt this workout since you last performed it during Week 2.

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