Back Week 12

Finish this program with a lot of intensity and velocity. I hope you’ve learned the tools that will help you continue to make progress with your weaknesses.


* Emphasize performing each superset without rest, and then go with 2 minutes between each superset. This is reduction of a minute of rest between supersets from when you first performed this workout in Week 4.

* Remember to set up your equipment so you can transition from one to the other.

* Stay hydrated, take your supplements and finish each workout with a meal that will help your target body part recover and grow.



Dumbbell incline rows

5 SETS / 15 REPS

SUPERSET incline dumbbell rows and dumbbell deadlifts—no rest between the two, but then 3 minutes after each superset.

Dumbbell deadlifts

5 SETS / 15 REPS

Close-grip pulldowns

5 SETS / 15 REPS

SUPERSET close-grip pulldowns and upright rows, and then rest 3 minutes between supersets.

Upright barbell rows

 5 SETS / 15 REPS


TIP: This workout includes two supersets of two exercises each, but you’ll perform 5 sets of each. That’s a total of 20 sets, which is more volume than you may consider it to be. Don’t forget to get the supplements and nutrition that will help your body naturally repair the muscle fibers you’ve broken down during this workout.

Check out my video for comments on how to adapt this workout since you last performed it during Week 4. 

If you want to follow Shattered! for another bodypart, then you can transition directly into that for 12 weeks. Go back to the homepage to connect to that. And then you can come back and perform another 12-week round for back. This is the best way to bring up your weaknesses — target them, let them recover, and then target them again.

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