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We’re going to target the lats to help thicken them this week. We’ll use some of the same exercises, but in a different order and with different schemes to train back a little differently. This week’s workout repeats some exercises, but that’s okay. The important thing is to shift up your exercise order, reps, and weights from one week to the next. That’s what helps you progress. 


* Squeeze your shoulder blades together with each rep of reverse-grip pulldowns—remember you’re not trying to move weight; your goal is to increase muscle fibers and muscle mass.

* Barbell shrugs target upper traps—see my video for tips on how to perform each rep.

* With moves such as chins don’t cheat—really emphasize the benefit of each rep. You can also use a spotter so long as you keep your form good and emphasize working your back over performing sloppy reps.

* Hyperextensions work your lower back, targeting your erectors in this area. That’s crucial for supporting you for heavier moves such as squats and deadlifts.




Reverse-grip pulldowns

4 SETS / 12 REPS

You’ll rest for 2 minutes between sets

Bent-over barbell rows

4 SETS / 12 REPS

Reps go up by 2 compared to last week with the same weight

Barbell shrugs

4 SETS / 12 REPS

Rest 2 minutes between sets



Perform these with good form to your level of failure.


4 SETS / 12 REPS

To work your spinal erectors


TIP: I like to use straps for moves such as barbell shrugs where my grip is the first thing to fail. Using straps allows me to focus on my target muscle group—traps in this case. Straps can be a cheat, but they can also be a benefit to helping you overcome the weakness you’re attacking—and that’s the purpose of Shattered. 

Check out my video for detailed tips on how to perform each exercise.


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