Day 21 Active Rest Day

It’s our last week. Today I am going to list your entire week of carb depletion and load so we can be best prepared for our “after” pictures. Each day we will be slightly lowering our carbohydrates until the day of the shoot. Take your images a little later in the day to give your body a chance to absorb the extra carbohydrates. Below is the formula each day starting from today:

.47 x lb of body weight (for 2 days)

Example: 200 lb x .47 = 94 g of starch carbs daily

.35 x lb of body weight(for 2 days)

Example: 200 lb x .35 = 70 g of starch carbs daily

.28 x lb of body weight (for 2 days)

Example: 200 lb x .28 = 56 g of starch carbs daily

.50 x lb of body weight (for 1 day) photo day—morning carb up to fill out

Example: 200 lb x .50 = 100 g of starch carbs daily

Again, you will be increasing your cardio this week. You will be increasing by 5 minutes to hit 50 minutes twice per day, and on non-training days, your total will be 60 minutes twice per day. So, 100 minutes in total on non-training days and 120 on non-training days. Yes, it’s a lot but it’s only for one week. We can do this!

Many of us focus on getting sleep, timing of meals, practicing the perfect workouts, and taking in the precise supplements, but a lot of people miss out on adequate hydration. Fluid makes up of around 70–80% of a person (ratio dependent on size and genetic make-up). Watch today’s little tip on the importance of fluid intake and its use as a nutrient transporter.





AM Cardio:   50 minutes
300 Twists
PM Cardio: 50 minutes 


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