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Day 20:Arms

Because biceps and triceps are smaller muscles, you really want to emphasize form when training them. It’s really easy to use heavier weights and cheat by swinging the weights. You can work in your chest, back, and traps by cheating, but that only undercuts your biceps development.


*You only need to rest about 45–60 seconds between sets. That taxes your target muscles maximally, but it also makes it easier to recover for the next workout. That’s crucial when you’re also cutting calories on my fat-loss program.

*When you include drop sets, it’s important to make those rest periods as short as possible. They shouldn’t really even be called “rests” because you’re working as fast as you can to get the weights off for your next drop.

*Notice that for some unilateral moves, I touch the part of my arm that I’m working. That increases the mind-muscle connection, really helping you focus on what you’re trying to do. For unilateral moves, you can also spot yourself for that last rep or two if your form starts to get a little sloppy.

Early morning cardio


25 minutes

Perform this session upon waking before consuming food.



EZ-bar curls

You can also do a strip set, where you perform multiple drops, taking 10 pounds or so off for each drop for the last set.

5 SETS / 12, 10, 7, 3, 15 REPS

Seated incline curls

The angle on these really allows you to feel the stretch in your biceps. I like to perform them unilaterally to really focus on the working side.

5 SETS / 12, 10, 7, 3, 15 REPS

Hammer curls

I prefer to bring the weight up close to my same side shoulder rather than going across my body. Do the version that feels best to you.

4 SETS / 12, 9, 6, 15 REPS

Standing one-arm cable curls

Notice how I stand and brace myself against the apparatus. That allows for better isolation in the target muscles.

4 SETS / 12, 9, 6, 15REPS

One-arm dumbbell triceps extensions

I like to bring the dumbbell in toward the middle of my body as I perform each rep because that’s where I feel my triceps work best, and it’s the most comfortable angle for me.

5 SETS / 12, 10, 7, 3, 15 REPS*

Lying dumbbell triceps extensions

You can take the dumbbell back toward your working-side shoulder or across toward the other shoulder, whichever is more comfortable and works your triceps best. I do both in the same set, but go with what works for you.

5 SETS / 12, 10, 7, 3, 15 REPS

Triceps rope pressdowns

You can split the ropes at the bottom to take advantage of using the ropes as your handle, but don’t use momentum.

5 SETS / 12, 10, 7, 3, 15 REPS


Keep control as you lower your body, feeling the stretch in your triceps. You can go to parallel or a little deeper with your upper arms based on your natural range of motion.

4 SETS / Burnout*

Post-Workout cardio


25 minutes

Your training week isn’t over until you’ve completed your last cardio session before your rest day at the end of the week.

TIP: Don’t forget your cardio. While this is an easier training day at the end of the week, you still need to get in every cardio session. Those early morning ones jump-start fat burning, and those after workouts or later in the day help burn calories and keep up metabolism while you’re cutting calories.

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