Shoulders:Week 6

This week, we’re performing the same exercises as we did in Week 5. You’ll use the same sets and reps, but instead of resting between sets, you’ll perform one set of all 4 moves before resting for 3 minutes. And then you’ll do it again for a total of 3 giant sets. You will need to adjust the weights accordingly.


* Remember that for pressing moves, you want to explode up and lower much more slowly. That’s how your pressing muscles, including your delts, were designed to move.

* For rear dumbbell raises, you should control the weight on the way down—keep developing that mind-muscle connection with this muscle by feeling it stretch as you fight against gravity.

* It’s critical for this giant-set workout that you have all your equipment laid out and ready. If you’re in a busy gym that may be difficult. If so, then have substitute exercises ready and in mind. Check out my video to see more about this.



Machine shoulder presses

3 SETS / 20 REPS

GIANT SET: You’ll perform 1 set of each of these 4 exercises without rest. And then you’ll rest for 3 minutes between each of your 3 giant sets.

Bent-over rear dumbbell raises

3 SETS / 20 REPS

Seated barbell military presses

3 SETS / 20 REPS

Arnold presses

3 SETS / 20 REPS


TIP: This is a good time to make sure all of your nutrition and supplements are in sync. How do you feel at the halfway point of this video series? Consider making small adjustments to your diet and supps if you aren’t seeing the results you expect. Go back and review my nutrition and supplement overviews if you want to really lock in on these.


Check out my video for detailed tips on how to perform this giant set—and each of the 4 moves in it.

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