Quads:Week 12

I hope you’ve enjoyed the progress you’ve seen in your quads on my plateau-busting series Shattered! We’re still not done, though—you have one more week of training to perform. And this week focuses on supersets for your quads. You need to finish this program stronger than you began.


* With supersets you perform one exercise followed immediately by another for the same body part. Then you’ll rest for 3 minutes before you perform your next superset. Supersets drive up intensity and thus muscle growth because your target muscle spends considerable time under tension for each set.

* You’ll perform two different supersets in this workout. After leg extensions and dumbbell squats, you’ll go onto supersets with leg presses and hack squats.

* All rest periods between supersets should be 3 minutes. 



Leg extensions

4 Sets / 15 Reps

SUPERSET: Rest 3 minutes between each superset, beginning with leg extensions and followed immediately by dumbbell squats.

Dumbbell squats

4 Sets / 15 Reps

Leg presses

4 Sets / 15 Reps

SUPERSET: Rest 3 minutes between each superset, beginning with leg presses and followed immediately by hack squats.

Hack squats

 4 Sets / 15 Reps


TIP: Remember that, while top athletes in every sport have superior genetics, they can’t reach the pinnacle of their sports without supreme dedication. You may or not be able to perform at the peak as a top athlete, but you can maximize your performance through focus, discipline and a program that allows you to achieve your goals. I hope that’s what my 12-week series for quads has helped provide.


Check out this week’s video for detailed tips on how to perform each of these quads exercises; you can also refer to Week 4 for additional tips for this superset workout.


If you want to follow Shattered! for another body part, then you can transition directly into that for the next 12 weeks. Go back to the homepage to connect to that. And then you can come back and perform another 12-week round for quads. This is the best way to bring up your weakness — target it, let it recover, and then target it again.

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