Aushra's Protein Pancakes

Aushra's Protein Pancakes

Let's Face It...

No matter how good you are at following a strict diet, there is no stopping the urge of cravings. You go all out each day to grind and get the body you've dreamed of, but the thought of sweets don't care about that. But here's the thing; you SHOULD have cravings, especially when you are dieting!

It is human nature to strive for what one cannot have. After all, isn't this the reason people decide to chase their physique goals in the first place? We want these sweets when dieting because our bodies know how much better things can be. So, instead of resisting temptation, we are here to tell you that you can have your sweets and get fit too.

Don't Resist the Temptation

Kaged Innovator Aushra Pilitauskaite [IG @aushrapi] crafted these phenomenal, protein-packed pancakes using minimal ingredients. What came from her hard work is a breakfast meal allowing you to start your day with the following macros:

Protein: 37g
Carbohydrate: 34g
Fat: 4g

Oh, and on top of it, they look absolutely amazing

Aushra's Protein Pancakes


The Recipe

Time from fridge to plate: ~15 min
Makes approximately 4 pancakes


1 scoop of Vanilla (or favorite flavor) Whey Protein Isolate
¼ cup of liquid egg whites (or as needed)
½ cup of raw oats
Pinch of salt
1 packet of Stevia or Splenda
Butter spray
Sugar-free syrup


1. In a blender, mix raw oats until they create a flour-like consistency. 
2. Mix all dry ingredients together in a bowl. Dry ingredients include Whey Protein Isolate, raw oats, salt, and low-calorie sweetener. 
3. Once dry ingredients are mixed together, add liquid egg whites and stir until a semi-thick consistency is created. You may vary the amount of egg whites added depending on how you prefer your pancakes.
4. Place a pan on your stovetop and turn it to medium-level heat. Evenly spray butter spray across top of pan.
5. Pour bowl of batter onto your pan until about a 2-inch radius is created.
6. Allow pancake to cook until you start to see bubbles coming from the top.
7. Flip pancake and allow it to cook for an additional 45-60 seconds.
8. Put pancake on plate and repeat steps 5-7 until there is no more batter.
9. Enjoy!

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