Kaged Hydration Q&A

Kaged Hydration Q&A

Kaged Hydration is our delicious electrolyte drink. It contains 5 key electrolytes to support your hydration and less than 1g of sugar.

In this article, we’re going to cover all of the most common questions we get about Hydration.

Is Kaged Hydration the Same as Hydra-Charge?

Yes, it’s exactly the same product, but with an updated name and label aesthetic.

As we announced in this blog post, we’re simplifying our naming conventions. We want our products to communicate clearly what they are, so we decided to rename Hydra-Charge to Hydration.

As we roll out the label and name change, you may still receive the Hydra-Charge packaging. Regardless of the label you get, it’s the same, premium electrolyte powder.

You’ll also notice with the new labels, that the color matches the flavor. This is in direct response to feedback from the Kaged community. We’re excited for you to see them for yourself.

What Flavors Does Hydration Come In?

Hydration comes in 8 flavors.

  • Fruit Punch
  • Lemon Lime
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Orange Mango
  • Glacier Grape
  • Hibiscus Pear
  • Apple Limeade
  • Strawberry Yuzu

No matter what kinds of flavors you’re into, we’re confident you’ll find a flavor of Hydration that you’ll love.

What If Kaged Hydration Tastes Too Sweet? Not Sweet Enough?

We recommend mixing one scoop of Kaged Hydration in 10-14 ounces of water. If it tastes too sweet for your liking, the solution is simple: add more water. If it’s not sweet enough, next time add a little bit less water.

What If I Just Don’t Love This Flavor of Kaged Hydration?

It comes in 8 delicious but distinct flavors. If you tried one and you just didn’t love it, reach out to our team, and we’ll send you a free tub in another flavor.

Can I Stack Kaged Hydration with Other Supplements?

Yes! In fact, we recommend using Hydration as the base for your custom stack. It’s the foundation of our “Mix Your Own” (MYO) System. At Kaged, we provide high-quality unflavored amino acid powders designed to be mixed with Hydration.

Mix and match these depending on your need and make a custom pre or intra-workout drink.

What’s The Difference Between Hydration and Hydration Elite?

While Hydration is great any time of day, Hydration Elite is specifically designed to be taken around your workouts. We designed our Elite Series for those most challenging workouts in mind. Here’s a breakdown of the difference in ingredients.

What Ingredients Are Different?

Electrolytes: 498mg vs 351mg

Both Hydration and Hydration Elite contain 5 key electrolytes: sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. Hydration Elite contains higher quantities of electrolytes overall.

Trace Minerals: Only in Hydration Elite

Hydration Elite includes Ioniplex®, a trace mineral complex unique to Hydration Elite, with as many as 65 major, minor, and essential minerals  It may help improve the bioavailability of other ingredients.

This ingredient is unique to Hydration Elite.

elevATP®: Only in Hydration Elite

We already talked about elevATP® for Pre-Workout Elite. It supports increased lean muscle, strength, and power output in connection with resistance training. It does this by increasing endogenous ATP, the currency of energy in our body.* With elevATP®, Hydration Elite supports your overall performance making it a great intra-workout option during intense training.

PureWayC® Vitamin C: Only in Hydration Elite

We’ve also added PureWay C® to Hydration Elite for antioxidant support.* Both Hydration and Hydration Elite contain Spectra™,  a premium antioxidant blend of 29 fruit, vegetable, and herb extracts that stimulates antioxidant activity.*

B vitamins: Only in Hydration Elite

B vitamins like niacin, B6, and B12 play a crucial role in energy production. They help other enzymes in our body and ingredients do their job. Their downstream effects include supporting energy, focus, and brain function.* Again, this helps make Hydration Elite about more than Hydration.

Organic Cane Sugar: Only in Hydration Elite

Hydration contains less than 1g of sugar. You already know about the impacts of excess sugar.

However, during intense training, a little bit of sugar can provide quick fuel. In Hydration Elite we added 2g of organic cane sugar.

Hydration is available in 8 flavors, compared to just 1. It’s also more cost-effective than Hydration Elite.

What is Kaged Hydration Sweetened With?

Hydra-Charge contains less than 1g of sugar and is sweetened with a combination of natural stevia and sucralose.

We know that adding sucralose to our products is controversial, but we stand by the science. If we see research shift in a big direction we would consider removing it. However, sucralose has been approved for use and continually researched for over 25 years.

The current research suggests that adverse effects are highly unlikely at normal doses.

Let’s dig into this.

Addressing the Sucralose Controversy

The safe limit for sucralose has been set a 5mg/kg per day. For a 150lb person, that’s 340mg. One packet of brand-name sucralose has only 12mg.

So if you’re a 150lb person, you would need to consume 28 packets of sucralose to go above the safe limit. And remember, Hydration contains a mix of natural stevia and sucralose.

As they say, the poison is in the dose.

Consuming 28 bananas or 28 servings of spinach in a day would also likely have adverse effects! For that matter, 28 glasses of water, if you don't consume electrolytes, could cause complications.

To give another example, caffeine is proven safe... at certain doses. Humanity consumes well over a billion servings of caffeine per day. But if you were to have 28 cups of coffee, you would be at risk for serious health complications and possibly find yourself in an emergency situation.

How Can I Save on Hydration?

At Kaged, we have many ways to save every single day. For example, if you love Hydration, you can save 10% on every order and receive U.S. free shipping when you choose Subscribe & Save.

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